Syria News Links 11-12 September 2018

12 September 2018 — William Bowles

Turkey captures key suspect in deadly 2013 car-bombing case

Watch Emily Thornberry dismantle the Tories for following Trump towards war in Syria

Trump Says He Doesn’t Need a Fake Chemical Attack to Bomb Syria

September 12, 2018: Militants Filming Stated Chemical Attack In Idlib

UN: Syria faces ‘unprecedented’ levels of internal displacement

Russia to open 26 extra crossing points for Syrian refugees

Nearly 250,000 refugees return to Syria from abroad — Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defense Ministry: militants pick out kids to ‘star’ in false flag op in Syria Bans Media Supporting Syria’s Liberating Struggle

US Launches Virulent Attack on International Criminal Court
Lebanon’s Saad Hariri demands ‘justice’ for slain father at trial

UN chief: Syria’s Idlib must not be transformed into a bloodbath

Making Quagmires in Syria Is a Step Towards “Regime-Change” in DC

West brings up new reasons for imminent strike on Syria — Russia’s UN envoy

Russia, Iran, Turkey to meet with UN over Syria in October

German government plans combat mission against Syria

Contacts with US may help find common ground on Syria — Lavrov

Kremlin aide Ushakov plans to visit four-party talks on Syria in Istanbul on Sept. 14

UN chief stresses importance of Astana format for Syria settlement

Russia, Iran, Turkey to meet with UN over Syria in October

Are Warnings About Chemical Warfare in Syria Another ‘Weapon of Mass Distraction’?

Diplomat: US reluctant to share information about Syria’s chemical facilities

Terrorists must not be allowed to hold civilians hostage in Syria’s Idlib, says diplomat

Video: Washington Claims That Assad Government Wants to Bomb Schools, Hospitals and Homes in Idlib under the Guise of Counter-Terrorism

11 September 2018 

A Few Items Related To Syria

Video: US Denies Use of White Phosphorus Bombs in Syria

Dutch Government Provided Terrorists with Pickup Trucks and Cell Phones. Invested 25 Million Euros Supporting Jihadist Groups in Syria

Target Syria: Will a New War be the October Surprise?

UN fears ‘humanitarian crisis’ as Syrian government prepares to retake Idlib from ‘jihadist’ rebels

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