AI Should Improve Quality of Life, Not Make Capitalists Rich – Lester Earnest on RAI (1-5)

4 December 2019 — TRNN

Artificial Intelligence can make the world better or be a tool for war – says Lester Earnest, founder of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Stanford, on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay

Part 5

1. Cold War Radar System a Trillion Dollar Fraud – Lester Earnest on RAI (1/5)

2. Military-Industrial-Congressional Frauds – Lester Earnest on RAI (2/5)

3. DOD Criterion for Success: Spend all Your Money by Year End – Lester Earnest on RAI (3/5)

4. Billionaires Shouldn’t Control Artificial Intelligence – Lester Earnest on RAI (4/5)

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