17 January 2019 — Syrian Perspectives


The largely foreign mercenaries infesting the terrorist group called Kataa`ib Al-‘Izza(Brigades of Glory) walked into another disastrous confrontation with the SAA today as they left Kafr Zaytaa.  They were spotted immediately by SAA scouts and the order to fire heavy artillery at them was given.  According to Wael, 31 rodents were confirmed killed or wounded as they struggled to get their rodents back to safer territory.  Only 2 Syrians were identified by clean-up crews:

‘Adnaan Idrees Al-Hanash

Faheem Muhammad-‘Ali Rajaa (last name illegible)

Also, at Ma’arkabba, there was another attempted infiltration by the same group affiliated with Nusra (Al-Qaeda), and the result was just as bad for the rodents.  Sources report many killed and wounded by the SAA.

There were other failed attempts to infiltrate into SAA positions protecting secure towns and villages, especially from Al-Lataamina and Hasraayaa.  All were failures.



Isn’t the attack on U.S. troops convenient?  I mean, folks, who would want the U.S. to stay in Syria by showing Donald Trump that his pronouncements on the defeat of ISIS were fanciful if not simply false?  Who would want that?

I’m not making out a brazen circumstantial case for accusing anyone of setting up this attack at Manbij.  I do not believe that ISIS committed this assault on the Yanks without some kind of planning and direction from a very influential party to the conflict; the same party that created ISIS to begin with:  The CIA and the Zionist Settler State.

The CIA has been running a shadow program in Syria without informing the president of its actions.  Its relationship to ISIS is well established.  Even the Zionists are known to have infiltrated ISIS with their own agents thus giving them a capability to influence ISIS behavior. Couple that with the ISIS penchant for taking credit for any and all atrocities and you have the perfect rejoinder to Mr. Trump’s arrogant announcement in December.  (You can see the explosion in the video above as it was disseminated by ISIS’ AMAQ News.

 تنفيذ لإتفاق سابق .. انسحاب قافلة من الوحدات القتالية الكردية من منطقة منبج

Some, like Penny, (who seems to have gone daft lately), might suggest that the Kurds would most likely try to keep the Yanks around for a bit longer.  True.  However, the Kurds do not have the kind of ability to infiltrate and remain within the outer boundaries of ISIS’ bailiwick.  While they might view the attack as something positive for their position, they simply could not pull off an operation like this without American and Zionist connivance.

In the meantime, we are watching the departure of Kurdish forces from Manbij in anticipation of an American withdrawal.  Although that withdrawal is becoming increasingly iffy what with the CIA’s murky policy of running two programs at one time and the Zionist insistence on a lengthier American deployment, the Kurds now know that their lot is more secure with the central government than with the U.S. or the Apartheid State.  Let’s see if they make the right decision shortly.



Syrian Security Services captured a group of terrorists as they tried to infiltrate out of the American base at Al-Tanf on the border of Syria, Iraq and Jordan.  They managed to get up to the Al-Halba Desert in order to reach an area about 70 kms south of Palmyra.  We only know this from statements given by the terrorists themselves during interrogation.  They were under intense surveillance all the time indicating a renewed commitment by the central government to eject the Americans from Syrian soil.  The infiltration took place at night but our security men were equipped with night vision goggles.

When they were sufficiently distant from American forces, the trap was sprung and after a short firefight, the rodents surrendered.  They were carrying RPGs and automatic rifles.  Two of the rats were killed by the SSS the most prominent of whom was Ilyaas Yunus Hammoud Al-Hilaal, an Iraqi cockroach who was found to have been sporting an explosive belt.

Also, in the same vein, 20 kilometers east of Palmyra, SSS ambushed a group of rodents on motorcycles at Al-Tulayla.  Three rodents were taken prisoner and interrogated.  (See photo above).

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