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One of the strongest arguments used by the hard Brexiteers is that the decision to leave Europe has not collapsed the UK’s economy as many had predicted. The reason why this has not happened is because Big Capital is not convinced Britain will be leaving the EU, which means leaving the customs union and/or the single market. Three months from the supposed exit date the political process of leaving is stalemated. Many “Leavers”now recognise they have been stitched up. Like surgeons facing a pair of mature Siamese twins, the politicians on both sides do not know where to make the first incision or even if the twins will survive the operation because they share so many common organs.

the brexit impasse pdf  (ARTICLE) graphs mortgage lending 1987+ (SPREADSHEET)

2 thoughts on “BREXIT, THE END GAME

  1. rkm009 says:

    Why do media discussions on Brexit, including this one, never talk about the sovereignty issue, or the undemocratic nature of the EU where the unelected Commission has all the real power?


    • barovsky says:

      Sovereignty? When have we ever had sovereignty over our own lives? So you think leaving the EU will return control to the British people in an economy controlled by transnational capital? You need to reread the essay I think, especially the section on the City of London.


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