Julian Assange Newslinks 24 May 2019

24 May 2019 20:50 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day

Julian Assange’s Attorney Decries Espionage Charges as Threat to Press Freedom

MintCast Episode 3: Iran, Chelsea Manning, ElectionGuard and the Embassy Protection Collective

New charges against Julian Assange under the Espionage Act criminalize journalism

Amnesty International Hangs Julian Assange Out to Dry — or Possibly Just Hang

As US seeks to crush media freedom, we all need to read Assange’s letter from prison

Daniel Ellsberg on Julian Assange’s Espionage Charges: It Cuts Out The First Amendment, Essentially! + Chelsea Manning Back in Prison

Video: Daniel Ellsberg on Julian Assange’s Espionage Charges

Assange Faces 175 Years in Prison with 17 More Charges

Spurious US 18-Count Indictment of Julian Assange: A Mockery of Justice

The Espionage Act And Julian Assange: The US Justice Department Expands Its Case

Assange BULLETIN: The journalist faces 175 yrs in prison with 17 more charges

Assange may spend the rest of his life in jail, he’s got a ‘HANGING judge’ – CIA whistleblower

Viewpoint: What Assange charges could mean for press freedom

‘Modern fascism is breaking cover’: Journalists react to Assange Espionage Act charges

‘War on journalism’: Snowden slams US indictment against Assange

Trump Turns the Screw Even Harder Against Assange

Assange indictments aim to ‘discourage media from reporting atrocities & war crimes’

Up to 175 yrs in prison: US slaps Julian Assange with 17 more charges under Espionage Act

Democracy vs. The Putin-Nazis

The Espionage Act and Julian Assange: The US Justice Department Expands Its Case

Defend the right to tell the truth! Defend Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning!

New charges against Julian Assange under the Espionage Act criminalize journalism

Oxford University student calls for defence of Julian Assange

Julian Assange, Wikileaks co-founder, faces 17 new charges in US

Amnesty International declares Julian Assange “not a prisoner of conscience”

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