Julian Assange Newslinks 18 June 2019

18 June 2019 • 13:50 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day

Assange faces extradition to US, as Western hypocrisy knows no bounds

The Coming Show Trial of Julian Assange

US Foreign Policy Exposed

The Coming Show Trial of Julian Assange by Chris Hedges

John Pilger: Extradition Process a ‘Very Long Uphill Road’ for Assange

Prominent Australian journalist Mary Kostakidis calls for campaign to free Assange

Shrewsbury 24 flying picket Terry Renshaw: “Only the power of the working class, not the official courts, is going to provide any perspective for freeing Julian Assange.”

Ecuadorian government gives Pentagon a base in the Galapagos

US Foreign Policy Exposed

John Pilger: Extradition Process a Very Long Uphill Road for Julian Assange

Chris Hedges: Imperialism on Trial – Free Julian Assange + Ex-Icelandic Interior Minister: US Tried to Frame Julian Assange in Iceland

Assange judge refuses to step down, despite evidence of intelligence and defence links

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