Syria Newslinks 19-24 June 2019

24 June 2019 — The New Dark Age

The Economic Entrails at the Heart of the ‘Deal of the Century’

As Conflict With Iran Escalates, Path To Peace Can Be Found

Talks between security chiefs of Russia, US, Israel on Syria kick off in Jerusalem

UK stealth fighter jets join fight against Islamic State

Why the State Department Let a Terrorist Cult Gather on its Doorstep

Eleven settlements in Syria come under shelling by militants in past day

U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

ISIS Invades India by Retreating

War Propaganda and the US-NATO “War of Terror” Against Syria and Its People

Palestinians Keep Their Right of Return Alive through Hope, Resistance

Still Manufacturing Consent: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Dissenting paper on Douma attack exposes ‘compromised reporting & analysis’ by OPCW – MIT professor

Lebanon, Iraq support Russia’s efforts on stabilizing Syria situation, says Russian envoy

Russian security council: IS members formerly active in Syria,Iraq behind Sri Lanka blasts

On UN World Refugee Day Palestinians Keep Their Right of Return Alive Through Hope, Resistance

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