Stop the Police using authoritarian facial recognition cameras

Update: May 2019 — Big Brother Watch

Face Off

Right now, the Metropolitan Police is deciding whether to roll out live facial recognition PERMANENTLY on our streets.

Police claim the public supports facial recognition surveillance – we think they’re wrong.

Don’t miss your chance to tell the police what YOU think – follow the link below to contact the police and tell them what you really think.



Despite the evidence that live facial recognition cameras pose a threat to our privacy, freedom of expression, and right of association, the Metropolitan Police are continuing to use this authoritarian technology in public spaces.

This needs to end.

Together with Baroness Jenny Jones we’ve launched a legal challenge against the Metropolitan Police and the Home Secretary to demand an immediate end to the police’s use of live facial recognition. This dangerous Orwellian surveillance tool has no place on our streets and if the police don’t stop using it – we will take them to court.

With the public’s support, we raised £10,000 on CrowdJustice for our legal challenge. Thank you!

If you or someone you know has been affected by live facial recognition, let us know by sending an email to

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