Class War Films presents Imperial Decay

6 August 2019 — Greanville Post

All empires are evil; they are certainly undemocratic. Can the U.S. un-imperialize itself, or must it go the way of all empires? Collapse.

All empires, no matter how solid and invincible they seem, ultimately fail and collapse, usually victims of their own hubris, which opens the doors to over-reach, and colossally corrupt elites mostly bent on feeding on the imperial carcass till the bitter end.  Corrupt “capitalist democracies” (an oxymoron)  are normally a nightmare to their own citizens, but a corrupt global empire [we are repeating ourselves] can be a nightmare to everyone alive, both near and far. In our age the US is such an entity, even if most of its population remain ignorant or only dimly aware of this fact.


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