Bolivia News Links 12 November 2019

12 November 2019 • 17:30 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Bolivia: Police Shoot Anti-Coup Protesters in El Alto

The Conservative Tide Is Losing in Latin America – That’s Why Morales Had To Go

Imperialist imprint in Bolivia coup

Plane carrying Morales lands in Paraguay after getting refusal from Peru

Civil War Onset In Bolivia, In Wake of Political Vacuum Following Successful Coup

Bolivia coup led by Christian fascist paramilitary leader and multi-millionaire – with foreign support

On Armistice Day, Work For And Celebrate Peace

Bolivia Is the Latest Successful US-Backed Coup in Latin America

Bolivian Coup Comes Less than a Week After Morales Stopped Multinational Firm’s Lithium Deal

Bolivia unrest not Moscow’s fault? Lavrov wonders where all ‘Russia’ accusations have gone

In Statement That ‘Reads Like a Chilling Warning of More Coups to Come,’ Trump Celebrates Military Coup in Bolivia

MSM Adamantly Avoids the Word ‘Coup’ in Bolivia Coverage

Evo Morales says he is leaving Bolivia for Mexico

On Armistice Day, Work For And Celebrate Peace

Bolivian police ask military to help maintain public order

Bolivian defense minister steps down amid protests

Bolivia’s Coup Threatens the Struggle for Social Liberation and Economic Justice

The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup—Because US Wanted It to Happen

Media Conceal Chile’s State Criminality, Delegitimize Bolivian Democracy

Will The People Of Bolivia Reverse The US-Supported Coup Against Evo Morales?

The City of El Alto Defends Evo Morales Amid Repression

“Listen, All You Racists, You Pro-Imperialists, You Hired Killers, You Empires, Just Listen and Hear.”

Bolivia in Crosshairs of US Counter-Revolution

The 2019 UN Vote Against the US Blockade of Cuba

Bolivia’s Evo Morales forced out by coup

Evo Morales Forced by the Military to Resign: Bolivia and Venezuela – Two Countries but Same Hybrid War

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales Is Backtracking Under Heavy US Pressure

Turning the Tide

Will The People Of Brazil Reverse The US-Supported Coup Against Evo Morales

Canada backs coup against Bolivia’s President

Calling for an ‘End to Violence,’ Bernie Sanders Becomes First 2020 Democratic Presidential Contender to Criticize Bolivian Coup

Bolivia crisis: Ex-President Morales offered asylum in Mexico

Mexico ready to grant asylum to Bolivia’s Morales — foreign minister

OAS to meet in Washington on November 12 over situation in Bolivia

Statement by the Political Committee of the Movimiento Al Socialismo (Movement for Socialism) of Bolivia

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