Syria News Links 31 October – 1 November 2019

1 November 2019 • 15:25  — The New Dark Age

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Dozens Of U.S.-led Coalition Trucks Arrive In Large Airstrip In Eastern Aleppo (Video)

Turkish, Russian Forces Conduct First Joint Patrol In Northeast Syria (Photos)

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Limits: Why Malthus Was Wrong and Why Environmentalists Should Care

22 October 2019 — Resolute Reader

by Giorgos Kallis


This short, readable and stimulating book begins with the author overturning perceived knowledge about the 18th century economist Robert Malthus. Malthus is best know for his extended work An Essay on the Principle of Population, an influential book that has rarely been read by those who claim to extend his ideas. Giorgos Kallis argues that it is important to understand what Malthus was really arguing for, because it is a key statement of a central tenet of modern economics, the idea of limits. In his introduction Kallis says that he aims to “reclaim, refine and defend the notion of limits” and proceeds to do just this with a critical examination of the way that limits have been understood by economists and environmentalists since Malthus’ time.

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IRR News (16 – 30 October 2019)

30 October 2019 — Institute of Race Relations

Weekly digest – Against Racism, for Social Justice

Last week crowds stood in silent vigil outside the Home Office and Belfast City Hall for the 39 undocumented migrants, believed to be Vietnamese nationals, who were found dead in the back of a refrigerated lorry. We know that UK government policies which make it impossible to enter the country using safe means contributed to these deaths in large part. The home secretary Priti Patel’s promise of ‘tougher penalties’ will only lead to further draconian policies that will push migrants and asylum-seekers into ever more dangerous journeys.

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DC Court of Appeals Requires Environmental Review for Implementation of 5G

30 October 2019 —

Appeals Court unanimously overturns FCC Effort to Eliminate NEPA and Historic Review

Duns agency ‘arbitrary and capricious’ actions

A federal appeals court has vacated and remanded the “arbitrary and capricious” Federal Communications Commission’s decision to allow AT&T Inc., Verizon, and other wireless carriers, cell phone facilities owners and operators to bypass historic preservation and environmental reviews for 5G networks.

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