Bolivia News Links 12-13 November 2019

13 November 2019 • 18:10 — The New Dark Age

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MAS: Resist, so that tomorrow we can fight again

‘We Don’t Want Any Dictators’: Bolivians Flood Streets to Protest Right-Wing, Anti-Indigenous Coup

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Bolivia Does Not Exist: The Forty-Sixth Newsletter (2019)

14 November 2019 — Tri-Continental

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

On November 10, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales Ayma was removed from office. Technically Morales resigned, but the conditions for his resignation had been set by the Bolivian oligarchy (egged on for thirteen years by the United States government, as Noam Chomsky and I indicated in this statement the day before the coup). Having won re-election for the fourth time, Morales faced an open insurrection from his opponent – former president Carlos Mesa – who lost the election conclusively. A team from the openly hostile Organisation of American States (OAS) arrived and provided legitimacy for the coup with a report on the elections that was long on accusations and short on facts. Using this OAS report – fully backed by the United States – as justification, the police mutinied, and then the army (which had remained neutral) told Morales he had to resign. There was no choice.

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Challenges of Internationalism, Solidarity and Integration of Peoples

13 November 2019 — Source: Internationalist 360°

Address by S’bu Zikode to the People’s BRICS meeting in Brasilia, 12 November 2019

Thank you Programme Director. May I take this opportunity to thank the International Secretariat for creating this space for us. I see this space as an instrument full of possibilities and hope for a better world, a world that we want and for which we are all prepared to fight. May I also thank all comrades from Pan Africa Today who have always counted us, the uncounted, in this difficult journey for a world we want, a world in which we all live like human beings.

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In the Midst of Violent Repression, Bolivian Demonstrators Reject the Coup and Demand the Resignation of Jeanine Áñez

13 November 2019 — Source: Internationalist 360°

Repression increases in Bolivia against Evo Morales’ supporters

La Paz, Nov. 13 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian police today violently prevented Senator Adriana Salvatierra from entering Parliament as evidence of increased repression against Evo Morales’ supporters.

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Black Agenda Report 13 November 2019

13 November 2019 — Black Agenda Report

Race is Central to Both Revolution and Reaction in Latin American 

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor
The world birthed in the near extinction of one-fifth of humanity still exists, in the social relations bequeathed to the Americas by conquistadors and enslavers.

Freedom Rider: Hybrid Warfare in Bolivia and Beyond 

Margaret Kimberley, BAR editor and senior columnist
The violelnt coup in Bolivia, like all of Washington’s regime-change and dirty tricks operations, has been aided and abetted by corporate media’s masters of euphemism.
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Le Mesurier Gets Cross By Craig Murray

13 November 2019 — Source: Craig Murray

Perhaps the only fact on James Le Mesurier about which I would agree with the MSM war cheerleaders is that he was a very busy man. It is remarkable therefore that he found the time and inclination to follow “Philip Cross” on twitter. Given that “Philip Cross” has virtually never posted an original tweet, and his timeline consists almost entirely of retweets of Nick Cohen, David Aaronovitch and openly pro-Israel propaganda accounts, why would Le Mesurier bother to follow him?

Top Bolivian coup plotters trained by US military’s School of the Americas, served as attachés in FBI police programs

13 November 2019 — Source: Grayzone

Commanders of Bolivia’s military and police helped plot the coup and guaranteed its success. Before they were educated for insurrection through the US military’s notorious School of the Americas and FBI training programs.

By Jeb Sprague

The United States played a key role in the military coup in Bolivia, and in a direct way that has scarcely been acknowledged in accounts of the events that forced the country’s elected president, Evo Morales, to resign on November 10.

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