Green Tories? Don’t Believe the Hype

6 November 2019 — Novara Media

A leaked briefing note has revealed Tory HQ’s attack lines on climate policy for this winter’s General Election. In it, HQ cites two key figures to argue the case that the Conservative Party is the party of climate action. First, they claim that during their decade in government there has been a 25% reduction in emissions, and second, that thanks to their leadership, renewables have been “boosted… to record levels”. It should come as no surprise that these claims are dubious at best. 

The Incredible Disappearing Farage, and Other Electoral Oddities

6 November 2019 — Craig Murray

For a decade Nigel Farage has been flung into our living rooms continually by the BBC. Even when UKIP barely registered a blip in the opinion polls, he was a regular on Question Time and the other news, current affairs and politics programme. Farage’s celebrity was a BBC creation. He served an important purpose. At a time when the wealth gap was growing exponentially, and working conditions and real incomes of ordinary people were deteriorating sharply, Farage helped amplify the Establishment message that the cause of these problems was not the burgeoning class of billionaires sucking up the world’s resources, but rather the poor immigrants also scratching to make a living.

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The Media Is Biased Against Jeremy Corbyn – but Does That Even Matter in This Election?

6 November 2019 — Novara Media

On 11 April 1992, Murdoch-owned redtop newspaper The Sun ran with the headline ‘It’s the Sun Wot Won It’, proudly proclaiming to have handed a general election victory to Conservative John Major, to the detriment of ‘evil’ left-winger Neil Kinnock. However, a few years later, scientific research found ‘no support’ for this bullish claim.

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Media Conceal Chile’s State Criminality, Delegitimize Bolivian Democracy

5 November 2019 — FAIR

by Lucas Koerner

Chilean protester beaten by government forces

Chilean protester beaten by government forces (Twitter, 10/21/19)

Chile’s anti-neoliberal rebellion is entering its third week, and the brutal crackdown continues. Hard-right President Sebastian Piñera and his generals have effectively decreed the country’s oligarch-dominated democracy out of existence by sending soldiers into the streets to kill, maim and torture their own people.

And, for the most part, the Western corporate media blackout persists unabated.

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Syria News Links 5-6 November 2029

6 November 2019 • 14:30 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

US ‘pullout’ from Syria looking more like permanent occupation with 800 troops reportedly tasked to ‘protect’ oil

Trump Approves ‘Expanded’ Military Mission To ‘Secure’ Syrian Oil: Reports

Russia Considers To Set Up Air Base In Northeast Syria: Report

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A Timeline Of Joe Biden’s Intervention Against The Prosecutor General Of Ukraine

6 November 2019 — Moon of Alabama

This is a working thread intended to be updated when new details come to light.

The Washington Post provided a timeline of the 2015/206 intervention by  then-Vice President Joe Biden against the then-General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin. Shokin was investigating Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of the gas company Burisma Holdings which paid Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden at least $50,000 per month for being on its board.

We used that timeline to show that Biden’s intervention reached its height shortly after the prosecutor confiscated Zlochevsky houses.

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U.S., UK, & France, certainly committed an international war crime against Syria on 14 April 2018

6 November 2019 — Counter Currents

It is now clear that on 14 April 2018, the three Governments of U.S., UK, and France, fired over a hundred missiles against Syria, on no more ‘justification’ than staged videos that had been done by those regimes’ own proxy boots-on-the-ground fighters in Syria, who are trying to overthrow Syria’s existing, non-sectarian Government and replace it by a Sharia-law regime that would be selected by agents of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family.

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