Iran News Links 11-12 January 2020

12 January 2020 • 18:00 — The New Dark Age

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Democrats Outraged at Republican Accusations of Foreign Loyalty

“Would the American Public Tolerate US Soldiers Defending Trump Hotels?”

Protests show deep crisis of Iranian regime after Ukraine aircraft shot down

The Deeper Story Behind The Assassination Of Soleimani

War Powers Resolution ‘Riddled With Holes’

Iran Warned US Of Missile Attack, Troops Had Three Hours To Evacuate

The Endless War With Iran

A New Middle East ‘Made In Iran’ Is About To Be Born

USA’s Short-Term Goal – Iran, and Long-Term One – China?

Democrats Outraged At Republican Accusations Of Foreign Loyalty

Iran’s accidental downing of a Ukrainian plane is already being used to smear MH-17 skeptics

Trump’s sanctions threat reveals true US plot: total colonization of Iraq

The West is Run by Barbarians

Western Intel Gets it Right – For a Change

Iranian Armed Forces Say They Inadvertently Shot Down The Ukrainian Plane – Updated

IRGC Chief on Ain al-Assad missile attack/accidental downing of Ukrainian aircraft

Why Iran “Came Clean” Regarding Its Role in the UIA-752 Tragedy

U.S. Media Outlets Fail to Disclose U.S. Government Ties of ‘Iranian Journalist’ Echoing Trump Talking Points

Iran’s Accidental Downing of a Ukrainian Plane Is Already Being Used to Smear MH-17 Skeptics

Only 23% of American Voters Can Identify Iran on the World Map

Invoking the United Nations’ Historic “Uniting for Peace” Resolution 377 Before Trump Embroils Us in War with Iran

This Iranian War Vet Has Some Advice for Trump: Don’t Play Checkers with the Grandmasters of Chess

Iran’s only female Olympic medallist defects condemning country’s oppression of women

Selected Articles: Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet

Iran, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix by Caitlin Johnstone

To Make Sense of Soleimani Assassination, Media Turn to Disgraced Iraq War Gen. David Petraeus

Der Iran hat sich zum versehentlichen Abschuss der ukrainischen B 737 bekannt

Axis Of Resistance Says How It Will Avenge Qassem Soleimani

In Stunning Reversal, Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet

Congress’s Work to Prevent War With Iran has Only Just Begun

America Has a Samson Problem

Democrats Outraged at Republican Accusations of Foreign Loyalty

Iran plane downing: Second day of protests turns up heat on leaders

Atoms for Peace vs. Atoms for War: The Only Fix for Iran-U.S. Relations

Boris Johnson’s PMQs performance exposed him as the puppet of Trump he truly is

Iran plane crash: Why this could be a watershed moment

Strikes in Iraq and Syria: US Terror for the New Year

Trump Tells Iraq Order US Troops Out and I’ll Freeze Your Central Bank’s Account at the Fed

Trump calls on Iran to allow human rights groups to monitor ongoing protests

This might be the final episode of Juan Guaidó’s surreal Venezuela regime-change reality show

PayPal blocks donations to the Grayzone that mention Iran

Iran Admits “Unintentionally” Shooting Down 737, But It Seems There Might Be More To This Story

Iran plane crash: Protesters condemn ‘lies’ on downed jet

Today’s links 11 January 2020

The USS Vincennes and the Missing Unconditional Apology


What Will Iran’s ‘Total War’ on the US Look Like?

Is Trump’s aggression towards Iran dangerous, delusional or some kind of 3D chess?

A New Middle East “Made in Iran” is About to be Born?

Iran Says Military Shot Down Ukraine Airliner in ‘Disastrous Mistake’ Amid Heightened Tensions With US

Ten Ways Trump’s Actions Against Iran Hurt Americans, the Region and the World

What’s Behind Boeing Crash in Iran?

U.S. Now at War Against Iraq and Iran

Iran: Nothing Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Forgiven M.K. Bhadrakumar

Pompeo’s Gulf Of Tonkin Incident

Iran plane crash: What we know about flight PS752

Iran plane crash: Demands for justice after admission jet was shot down

Iran plane crash: Britain condemns Tehran’s arrest of UK ambassador

The US Surges Into A Police State While Media White Out Structural Racism

Congress: War Profiteering Is Real. We Need To End It.

Iran: Nothing Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Forgiven

Who Are the Winners From America’s Destruction of Iraq and War Against Iran?

New Facts Change Everything, the Sickening Truth About Why Iran “Schooled” America

In Stunning Reversal, Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet

Iraq:  Why Doesn’t the US Move Out Despite the Iraqi Parliament’s Decision?

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