Battle of the Ages to stop Eurasian integration

16 January 2020 — Asia Times

Battle of the Ages to stop Eurasian integration

Iranian seamen salute the Russian Navy frigate Yaroslav Mudry while moored at Chabahar on the Gulf of Oman during Iran-Russia-China joint naval drills. The photo was provided by the Iranian Army office on December 27, 2019. Photo: AFP / HO / Iranian Army office

Coming decade could see the US take on Russia, China and Iran over the New Silk Road connection

By Pepe Escobar

The Raging Twenties started with a bang with the targeted assassination of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani.

Your Arrow Can Pierce the Sky, But Ours Has Gone into Orbit: The Third Newsletter (2020)

16 January 2020 — Tri-Continental

Yu Youhan

Yu Youhan, We Will Be Better, 1995.

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

On Wednesday, 15 January, China and the United States agreed to suspend their full-scale trade war. From February 2018, the United States placed tariffs on Chinese goods that entered the US market, and then China retaliated. This tit-for-tat game continued for almost two years, causing massive disruption in the global value chain. In October 2019, the International Monetary Fund’s G-20 Surveillance Note reported that the global GDP suffered by a 0.8% drop merely because of the tariffs on goods such as aluminium, steel, soybeans, and car parts between the United States and China. Western attacks on Chinese 5G technology – and on the tech firm Huawei – are part of the pressure on China to buckle before the US-led order. But China did not bend. As a prelude to the ‘phase one’ deal, the United State Treasury Department stopped calling China a ‘currency manipulator’, a term that has haunted China’s for decades.

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Iran News Links 15-16 January 2020

16 January 2020 • 14:30  — The New Dark Age

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US War of Terror Continues: Assassinating Iran’s Top Anti-ISIS General

US to Iraq: ‘Vote All You Want, We’re Not Leaving!’

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Short of Time: Julian Assange at the Westminster Magistrates Court

16 January 2020 — Off Guardian

By Binoy Kampmark
Demonstranten vor dem westminster magistrates court in london fordern assanges freilassung die hauptanhoerung findet am 28 februar 2020 statt

Sputnik Photo: Justin Griffiths-Williams/Sputnik/dpa |


Another slot of judicial history, another notch to be added to the woeful record of legal proceedings being undertaken against Julian Assange.  The ailing WikiLeaks founder was coping as well as he could, showing the resourcefulness of the desperate at his Monday hearing.

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Permanent War and Poverty or Widespread Truth Awareness: selected Articles

15 January 2020 — Global Research

Trump Prosecutors Make Move to Ensure that Embassy Protectors Are Convicted

By Kevin ZeeseAjamu Baraka, and Bahman Azad

As the trial approaches, the lawyers for the Trump Administration’s  prosecution of the four Venezuelan Embassy Protectors who were arrested last May are asking the court to make sure the jury is kept ignorant about the facts and circumstances surrounding the actions of the protectors.

In a recently filed motion by government lawyers, state prosecutors are seeking to severely restrict what can be discussed during the trial  scheduled for February 11, 2020. Judge Beryl Howell will hear arguments on the motion at the pre-trial hearing on January 29. Read more…
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