Selected Articles: Focus on the Davos World Economic Forum (2017-2020)

23 January 2020 — Global Research

Trump Parties in Davos While Ordinary Americans Struggle to Make Ends Meet

By Stephen Lendman, January 23 2020

The annual Davos billionaire’s ball — aka World Economic Forum — continues until Friday. Countless millions of US households face unacceptable choices between paying rent or servicing mortgages, seeking high-cost medical care when needed, heating homes in winter, feeding family members, and juggling other expenses — a disturbing reality far removed from Trump’s luxury lifestyle. A massive disconnect exists between soaring equity prices and dismal economic conditions for most Americans. Read more…

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Julian Assange News Links 23 January 2020

23 January 2020 — The New Dark Age

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‘We simply can’t get in’: Assange lawyer complains about lack of access to WikiLeaks founder

WikiLeaks Editor: US Is Saying First Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Foreigners In Assange Case

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Iran News Links 22-23 January 2020

23 January 2020 • 17:30 — The New Dark Age

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Dutch foreign minister’s speculations over plane crash in Iran impermissible — Zakharova

Today’s Links 23 January 2020

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Review: “One World Digital Dictatorship” by Soren Korsgaard – Digital Nightmare

23 January 2020 — Counter Currents

Danish writer Soren Korsgaard (editor of Crime & Power) has written a very long and detailed account entitled “One World Digital Dictatorship” that describes the accelerating movement  by both Western-style democracies and one-party states (notably China) towards world-wide Digital Dictatorship (Digital Imprisonment) involving mass data collection on everyone, mass surveillance, facial recognition-based tracking, crypotocurrency-based cashless societies, and social credit-based disempowerment.

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20 points to understand the drama of the right-wing opposition in Venezuela

22 January 2020 — Peoples Dispatch

João Pedro Stedile of the National Board of the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement of Brazil explains the conflicts within the Venezuelan opposition

by Joao Pedro Stedile

One year ago on January 23, 2019, Juan Guaidó had united the Venezuelan right-wing opposition against Maduro. Today Guaidó continues to enjoy support from the United States but not from his fellow opposition legislators.

When Will The Winter Come to An End?: The Fourth Newsletter (2020)

23 January 2020 — Tri-Continental

Hangameh Golestan

When Will The Winter Come to An End?: The Fourth Newsletter (2020)

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

On 17 January, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, led the Friday prayers for the first time in eight years. He mocked the ‘American clowns’ who threatened Iran and said that Iran’s response to the US assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani was a ‘slap in the face’ of US power. Tensions between Washington, DC, and Tehran seem to have gone from a boil to a simmer, but they nonetheless remain. There is reason to believe that US President Donald Trump – reckless by nature – will launch an attack on Iran in the next few months. He might do so to distract from the impeachment trial he faces in the US Senate or to hasten his chances of re-election in November 2020.

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Syria News Links 10-23 January 2020

23 January 2020 — The New Dark Age

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US, UK Diplomats Protest Against OPCW Whistleblower Giving Evidence to United Nations

OPCW Inspector Debunks Doctored Syria Report. “The Chemical Weapons Incident That Never Occurred”

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New Report – In the Frame: UK media coverage of drone targeted killing

19 January 2020 — Drone Wars

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Our new report looks at UK involvement in drone targeted killing and in particular at media coverage of British citizens killed in such strikes. It argues that the government’s refusal to discuss key details or policy issues around these operations has helped to curtail coverage, creating a climate where targeted killing has become normalised and accepted, eroding human rights norms.

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How Western Left Media Helped Legitimate US Regime Change in Venezuela

22 January 2020 — FAIR

by Lucas Koerner

Jacobin: Venezuela and the Left:

In Jacobin (2/5/19)…

It’s been a year since Juan Guaidó began his US-anointed mandate as “interim president” of Venezuela.

Following the opposition leader’s failure to secure reelection as National Assembly president this month, Washington and its corporate media stenographers have hysterically decried a “coup” (FAIR.org1/10/20) against the coup leader, moving absurdly to recognize a new parallel parliament that he can still be in charge of.

However, the January 23 anniversary of Guaidó’s farcical self-proclamation has a darker legacy largely ignored by the corporate media: the almost unprecedented US decision to recognize a leader with no effective state control has unleashed a level of economic warfare unseen outside of Cuba, Iran or North Korea.

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