Where have all the right-wingers gone?

5 May 2020 — Ricky Coxon’s Blog

by Ricky Coxon

The right-wingers are very quiet these days.  They must absolutely hate what Covid-19 is doing to their politics.

I would imagine they are being forced to realise that the social safety net of £91 per week isn’t actually good enough to live a cushty lifestyle. Or that their party’s lack of action is killing its citizens. Or that their party has obviously lied and cheated at almost anything they are responsible for.


I guess they’ve felt awkward clapping on a Thursday evening knowing full well they’ve voted for a party that openly wants to abolish the NHS, has underfunded it for the last decade, and cheered when they blocked nurse pay rises or junior doctor strikes.

That Brexit is really an irrelevant squabble between upper-class toffs and that food shortages happen quickly and easily and cutting off our biggest overseas food suppliers might actually make the lack of pasta and rice permanent. Or that ‘unskilled’ workers are actually essential and that ‘unskilled’ immigrants actually saved the dear leader’s life.

Maybe they’ve realised that death doesn’t discriminate and we are all, in fact, the same inside. That being English isn’t actually exceptional at all.


That it was society, and not Richard Branson, that pulled together and helped the most vulnerable, made masks, delivered food parcels, sewn washbags, and looked after each other’s children. And that the super-rich and their celebrity sycophants are actually useless at helping and don’t really make the economy work at all. That be us. We actually do all that.

And that almost everyone, including the right-wingers themselves, are a single paycheck away from destitution and no amount of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps has had any effect on that.

I guess this confuses them.

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