How Biosecurity Is Enabling Digital Neo-Feudalism

15 May, 2020 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Pepe Escobar

Italian master thinker Giorgio Agamben has been on the – controversial – forefront examining what new paradigm may be emerging out of our current pandemic distress.

He recently called attention to an extraordinary book published seven years ago that already laid it all out.

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Foreign Policy Sees ‘Repression’ in Vietnam’s Fight Against Coronavirus

15 May 2020 — FAIR


Foreign Policy: Vietnam's Coronavirus Success Is Built on Repression

Foreign Policy (5/12/20) illustrates a story on “repression” in Vietnam with a photo of a “propaganda poster” encouraging people to wear masks.

A recent piece in Foreign Policy (5/12/20) is headed with a photograph of a placard that features an image of a nurse demonstrating the importance of wearing a face mask as both personal and interpersonal protection against the coronavirus. But reader beware: It’s not public education, it’s a “propaganda poster”—because it’s not from New Jersey, but was “seen on a wall in Hanoi.”

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Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski Update Interview | Episode 5

28 April 2020 — Youtube

Time for an independent alternative to Youtube!

Update 3 – 21 May 2020: Watch it here –

Update 2 – 20 May 2020: Well it’s finally been censored. I’ll see if it’s been made available elsewhere. Time to dump Youtube and setup a truly uncensored video platform (mind you I predicted that this would happen almost 20 years ago!)

As a replacement, I have added a transcript of the censored video. WB

Update – 18 May 2020: Apparently, Youtube have taken down this video although it still seems to be available. WB

Perspectives on the Pandemic Episode 5: In this highly-charged follow-up interview, Knut Wittkowski says his initial claim has been vindicated: The lockdowns – always a dubious proposition for a respiratory virus – came too late in the U.S. and elsewhere, and were therefore even worse than useless. By turns emotional and darkly comic, Wittkowski ranges across all the essential topics of the crisis, and gives answers you are unlikely to see in the major media. Not to be missed.
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WATCH: UK Chief Medic confirms (again) covid19 harmless to vast majority

15 May 2020 — Off Guardian

Catte Black

From the beginning of this crisis we have been pointing out that there are two mutually contradictory messages at the heart of the covid19 rollout, and, just as Orwell describes in 1984, a major point of the exercise seems to be to get people to believe both at the same time.
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Revealed: UK government opposing patent-free Covid-19 vaccines

15 May 2020 — Global Justice Now

Last night BBC Newsnight revealed how the British government has been opposing patent-free coronavirus vaccines and treatments in the run up to a crucial World Health Organisation meeting on Monday. Despite government pledges to ensure vaccines are accessible to all, they are still not willing to take on big pharma and challenge their monopolies.

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Consequences of Coronavirus Pandemic are being Kept Under Wraps

11 May 2020 — New Eastern Outlook


As the global battle against the Coronavirus rages on, many fairly important processes are taking place in the international community. But current ruling elites have sought to keep silent about them and have stopped media outlets, answerable to them, from openly reporting about these developments.

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INTERVIEW: Debunking the COVID-19 Narrative with Prof. Dolores Cahill

13 May, 2020 — 

Are public health officials and the mainstream media really telling the public scientific accurate and correct information about the Coronavirus and treatment for COVID-19? Was there any scientific or medical basis for governments to impose a lockdown? Are the government-media complex irresponsibly spreading misinformation about COVID-19? Is this misinformation harming the public and causing needless suffering and additional deaths? Apparently, yes.
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