COVID-19 and the Left: an Ignored Civil Rights Crisis; a Missed Opportunity

7 May 2020 — Znet

Photo by Tatiana Chekryzhova/

Reading op-eds these days about the grim progress of COVID-19 through the United States, I sometimes have the eerie feeling that I’ve traveled backward in time and landed in some sort of Cold War-like, hyper-conformist dystopia — but with one disquieting difference.

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It Takes a Revolution to Make a Solution: The Nineteenth Newsletter (2020)

7 May 2020 — Tricontinental

Kalia Venereo (Dominio Cuba), Nunca Más, 2020.

 Dear Friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

I admit upfront that this is a hard newsletter to read. It is about debt. There is a bloodless quality to the way that we talk about the debt of the poorer nations. There is nothing poetic here. The numbers are alienating, their outcome shocking.

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A zoom discussion with Michael Roberts on the prospects for the world economy post-lockdown

7 May 2020 — theplanningmotivedotcom

This is a very topical discussion and one with which the Bank of England has engaged in. It projects a 14% fall in GDP this year (the most in 300 years) followed by a 15% jump next year. This means a net rise in GDP of 1% over two years. This bounce back could have been justified had the world economy been in good health, instead of suffering a severe underlying condition, chronically low profitability. In the face of a profit crisis, Brexit and a fracturing global economy, that projection of bounce back is the most optimistic since capital first deprived labourers of their instruments of production turning them into an industrial proletariat.
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WATCH: Corona ‘Crisis’, what really happened and how to learn from it? Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg interviewed by Stefan Noordhoek

7 May 2020 — Off Guardian

The now world-famous Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg – who has decades of experience with viruses, epidemics and their consequences – presents his vision on the Corona ‘Crisis’. A malignant crisis that is entirely driven by misinformation and panic.

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