Cold War of Trump/Navarro vs China

29 April 2020 — Origin: New Eastern Outlook

Andre Vltchek 


It is getting ugly, extremely ugly.

It is increasingly looking like a war – at least a new ‘cold’, ideological war.

But in the shadow of COVID-19, it goes almost unnoticed.

The blind horseman, who hates China intuitively, without knowing hardly anything about it, is leading the pack, pushing his president into a confrontation with the most populous country on Earth. His name is Peter Navarro.

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The scarring

2 May 2020 — Michael Roberts Blog

Optimism reigns in global stock markets, particularly in the US.  After falling around 30% when the lockdowns to contain COVID-19 virus pandemic were imposed, the US stock market has jumped back 30% in April.  Why? Well, for two reasons. The first is that the US Federal Reserve has intervened to inject humungous amounts of credit through buying up bonds and financial instruments of all sorts. The other central banks have also reacted similarly with credit injections, although nothing compares with the Fed’s monetary impulse.

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Neo-liberalism and how it has disrupted the bourgeois state

2 May 2020 — theplanningmotivedotcom

The incompetent and disorganised response by the US and UK government to the pandemic poses a deeper question than simply the personnel involved. Is this response accidental or predictable in so far as it has occurred in the two countries where neo-liberalism is most advanced, financialization most extreme and the state most disrupted. This article addresses this question.


Slavoj Zizek: May 1 in the viral world is a holiday for the NEW working class

1 May, 2020 — RT

Slavoj Zizek: May 1 in the viral world is a holiday for the NEW working class

A woman passes a mural showing doctors and nurses in south London, as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of coronavirus ©  Getty Images / Dominic Lipinski / PA Images

Maybe the moment has come to take a step back from our exclusive focus on the pandemic, to allow ourselves to consider what coronavirus and its devastating effects reveal about us as a society.

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Annihilation Utopia

1 May 2020 — Anti-Capital

1. You’re heroes, don’t you know?  You’re heroes for doing all the things you do when you’re scorned, ignored, mocked, abused, harassed, and exploited.  Now you’re heroes for delivering food by bicycle, by cart, by hand; for delivering  packages by truck or dolly or backpack.  You’re heroes now for filling prescriptions; for selling paper towels; for running lab tests; for handling cash and charges on the check-out line while people with more income than you fill their carts with cartons of pasta, cans of beans and tuna, fill them with the precious chicken and sainted ground beef.  You’re heroes for nursing those with the virus, while the governments-plural-can’t even organize a testing program much less a treatment protocol.

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