NHS and Racism: Deeds not words

10 June 2020 — The Lowdown

Evidence-based journalism and research on the NHS to create change.

Report after report has told us about systemic racism in the NHS and in national policy, the government must address it.

“Empty words of concern from government politicians now can’t conceal the deep-seated racism that persists in the continued injustice of the deliberate, institutional, Home Office-led discrimination against the Windrush generation. Commonwealth and other BAME migrants were essential in the building of the NHS from 1948, with so many people from so many countries coming here to become nurses, doctors, professionals, and support staff to deliver the service we all now see as so vital. The question is surely why opposing racism is even a debate.” – Co-editor of the Lowdown, John Lister

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Here is this week’s Lowdown, on PDF and our one-stop roundup

One constant in Covid crisis: government contracts out, private sector cashes in Black lives at risk in unequal NHS

Overtime deal strengthens call for fairer wages and staffing Does government policy on shielding leave thousands exposed?

Trust signs up for Babylon’s triage app, doubling up on 111 service What’s happening on integrated care?

No bold visions for Lancs and Cumbria ICS

Signs of Life: a review of Integrated Care System websites

Patients and staff left confused by rushed change of plan around vulnerable patients

With thanks and best wishes Paul, John, Sylvia, Molly & Martin Lowdown team

NHS Support Federation

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