Julian Assange News Links 11 September 2020

11 September 2020 — The New Dark Age

US prosecutors disrupt Spanish probe into alleged CIA-linked firm which spied on Assange

Assange’s Fourth Day At The Old Bailey: COVID In The Courtroom

Assange hearing adjourned as prosecution lawyer is tested for COVID-19 [it proved negative]

Wikileaks helped end secret U.S. killings, Assange extradition hearing is told

Reject Militarism on the Anniversary of 9/11

Assange’s Fourth Day at the Old Bailey: COVID in the Courtroom

Not Just an Orchard, Not Merely a Field, We Demand the Whole World

HAPPENING NOW: Julian Assange’s UK Extradition Hearing

ColdType Extra No.2 ‘Absolute and Arbitrary Power’

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