The Government failed to end the Rent Debt Crisis

3 March 2021 — Generation Rent

Thank you for supporting our campaign to end the Rent Debt Crisis.

With a heavy heart I have to tell you that this Budget has done nothing to help renters with spiralling rent debt protect their homes.

The Chancellor has ignored the very real rent debt crisis and without government action renters will have no protection from eviction and homelessness.

Instead Rishi Sunak chose to give a £1.6 billion hand out to homeowners in zero stamp duty, rather than find just £288 million we estimate is needed to clear rent debt.

So, our campaign isn’t over. We aren’t giving up.

Our evidence for a Covid Rent Debt Fund to clear arrears is strong and clear.

As is our ask for an extension to the eviction ban as long as restrictions are in place.

We are going to keep the pressure on this Government to give renters the support they need:

1) To bring in a Covid Rent Debt Fund

2) To raise Universal Credit to cover average rents

3) To end Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions

We are so much stronger because of your support.

Thank you being our partner in this fight.

With best wishes


Alicia Kennedy, Director

Generation Rent

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