It’s finally here! Today is the launch of the Hostile Housing Film project

26 April 2021 — Hostile Housing

 ���� Check out the Hostile Housing website to watch a series of short films made by the ‘Our Homes’ group! You can also sign up for information about future screenings of our main feature film, which will be launched later in the year.

In summer 2019, a group of renters were employed by the London Renters Union to research the concerns of their wider community’s housing situations, along with concerns of their own. The group, called the ‘Our Homes’ Renters research project, was organised by the Hackney branch of the LRU.

Filming in Hackney, the group worked with their community to take a look at why housing is hostile, how it perpetuates racial discrimination, and how we can use social action to make change.

Together they led the research process and decided what the final outcome of the project would be. This became a final feature film, with a series of short films to accompany it. These short films can now be viewed on our shiny new Hostile Housing website ✨

The films ask:
✊��What are the problems?

✊��Who is responsible?

✊��What do we need to do to make change?

To view the project in full visit our Videos page

A sneak peak ��

The films touch upon lots of different themes around housing, such as:

  • The Hostile Environment -Roger explains how policies introduced by the Conservative Government targeted at migrants have impacted renters’ access to housing;
  • Housing in Hackney -interviews with renters in Hackney about their housing stories;
  • Temporary accommodation – Agnieszka re-creates her experience in temporary accommodation with her two children;
  • Housing and colonialism – Oluwatosin interviews Adam Elliot-Cooper about the relationship between the two;
  • Carnival! – The group headed to Hackney Carnival to find out the importance of community.

A big thank you to our supporters! ‘Our Homes’ was supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung London; Thirty Percy; and Big Lottery Community Fund.

In friendship and solidarity,

The Our Homes Renters Research Group ��


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