When Did the “Cold War” End? Part III

28 April 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Vladimir Acosta

https://ultimasnoticias.com.ve/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Atalayar_Tropas-Estados-Unidos-Siria_1.jpgConvoy of U.S. armored vehicles near Al-Qahtaniyah, Syria

In 1989, before the end of the Cold War, Bush I, Reagan’s successor, invaded Panama, and in August 1990 attacked Iraq, starting the First Gulf War.

In 1991, the Yugoslavian War began in Europe, which led to horrific massacres as a result of virulent nationalism and growing xenophobia, all intersected by European and American interests that contributed to further poisoning the environment. The result was the creation of several small republics that fell under the influence of European countries and the United States, and then the total destruction of Serbia, a central US objective, achieved through 78 days of bombing, a crime that took place in 1999, under the Clinton administration. Of those massacres, only Milosevic, the Serbian ruler, paid for them with his life, because that was the decision of the United States. Incidentally, shortly before that, a U.S. senator named Joe Biden met with Milosevic, insulted him as a demonic murderer, promised him speedy trial and death, and announced that his country was going to destroy Serbia.

In the midst of these new, incoherent and local wars, the United States began to ask itself what was the point of winning the Cold War and whether Communist Russia was not needed at this time. Russia was the ideal enemy: stable, large, well armed and with an ideology opposed to its own. The ruined and complicit Russia in the hands of the nauseating Yelsin was of no use to them now.

The post-Soviet world had become a chaotic world in which crises and wars with no way out were breaking out everywhere. The United States discovered that it needed the Cold War and that it needed organized chaos controlled by its Empire in order to truly dominate the world. For that, it was indispensable to find or fabricate a new enemy of its stature. They cannot resurrect the Soviet Union. The enemy must be sought elsewhere. And it must be soon, because this chaos is already present throughout the country: hatred against the government, armed militias everywhere and violent attacks such as the one in Oklahoma.

Their first attempt, to make drugs the enemy, failed resoundingly, because the US is the world”s leading drug consumer and the main beneficiary of drug trafficking. Moreover, not long before, they had created crack, a dirty, blended, smokable cocaine, to corrupt the struggles of blacks with a lethal, cheap and accessible drug.

Their second attempt, to turn terrorism into that enemy, also seemed to fail at first for a similar reason. The United States was and is the world’ s leading terrorist country, the organizer and financier of Islamic fundamentalism that carried out the worst terrorist acts: it had armed the Mujahedin, the Taliban and other such groups. They had close ties with Al Qaeda, and the Bushes were close to the family of Bin Laden, the Saudi creator of that terrorist organization, and shared with it oil interests with which the future President Bush II was associated.

And then a true miracle occurred, undoubtedly the work of Providence, which loves the United States; an attack that literally fell from the sky: the attack, on September 11, 2001, against the towers of the World Trade Center in New York, a proud symbol of its imperial power. Of this increasingly confusing fact it can be said that, except that it happened, everything the U.S. government has said about it is either false or full of contradictions. After taking advantage of it for its own plans, the official position was to forget about it, which was aided by the secrecy guaranteed by Bush II for at least the next half century. What counts is that he took advantage of it to declare himself the world standard-bearer against terrorism, declaring war on it, accusing anyone who opposes him of being a terrorist.

Thus began the imposition of their military policy on the world. Beginning their new aggressions and invasions, especially in the Middle East, they increased their control over Europe and Latin America by means of intrigues, sanctions, imposition of camouflaged military bases and coups d’état, where necessary.

Their arrogance affirmed that they could win three wars together. War against Afghanistan for being the refuge of Bin Laden, whom they accused of having organized the attack on the towers. War against Iraq, the Second Gulf War, to liquidate Saddam Hussein, falsely accused of having nuclear weapons. Others followed, such as Libya and then Syria. In all of them, America was bogged down in a quagmire with no way out. In Afghanistan for 20 years, in Iraq for 18 years and in Syria for more than 10 years. For Libya they used NATO. However, this was not important because their policy of world domination was now aimed not at winning those wars, but at destroying those countries, making them unviable and maintaining under their control the chaos caused by them in order to divide and plunder the world.

But while it attacked countries and became bogged down in wars, the United States belatedly discovered that it had forgotten the most important thing. It neglected Russia, which it underestimated, and China, which it believed to be under its domination. Thus, Putin, Yelsin’s successor, rescued Russia from disaster, leading it with a firm hand, generating confidence and support, and helping to turn it back into a proud and sovereign country; and even more, into a technological and military power that in a few years would be vastly ahead of the United States in both fields. For its part, China, led by its Communist Party, never lost its dignity and sovereignty and in a matter of two decades became a true economic, scientific, technological and military power, thus demonstrating that it had taken advantage of globalization and the opening to international trade to make the country richer, while making necessary social changes and defeating poverty, and achieving a sovereign and unstoppable growth that made it a serious competitor of the United States.

The Middle East and its oil are less important now. The United States has discovered this too late, but the adversaries to be feared are this new Russia, sovereign and dignified, which far surpasses it militarily, and China, which is rising unstoppably and is overtaking it as the world’s leading economic power. This constitutes the war being prepared, against these two great and rising nuclear powers, which do not want war with anyone but rather respect for their sovereignty, peace and friendship with everyone and free trade with the world; and which are united and allied to defend themselves from the military threat embodied by this decadent and bellicose Empire.

As a warlike and arrogant Empire, the United States is not willing to accept a multipolar and peaceful world in which it has everything to lose by ceasing with its pretensions of being, as it claims, the sole master of the planet. Trump, who believed so, attempted at least to separate Russia from China by reducing tension with the former in order to accentuate sanctions and threats against the latter. He failed. But the administration of Biden, a new thug disguised as a defender of human rights and freedoms, has already declared, with arrogance impregnated with madness, that its policy will be to confront them both together. Thus, his attitude and his new aggressions against both could lead to this tense pre-war of imperial threats in which we live today becoming a nuclear war with all that this means.

Some may now long for the times of the old Cold War, which ended in 1991, because the nuclear threat was contained; or because, as an author whose name I do not remember wrote years ago, “If the Third World War is with nuclear weapons, the Fourth will be with stones and sticks”. If anything remains.

Translation by Internationalist 360°

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