21 April 2021: Vaccine capitalism and more

29 April 2021 — Corporate Watch

In this newsletter:

Vaccine capitalism – Penally military refugee camp closes – profiles of Deliveroo and deportation profiteer Evelop/Barceló Group

First, some good news: the military refugee camp in Penally that we covered in previous news updates has recently been forced to close. Corporate Watch had recently published a profile of Clearsprings, the company that was outsourced to run the camp last year. We also interviewed the residents of the camp who had formed a union to campaign for the camp’s closure. We congratulate them on their success after tireless campaigning to draw attention to their situation.

Vaccine Capitalism

Over the last month we have published a series of articles on “Vaccine Capitalism”.

Vaccine capitalism: Five ways big pharma makes so much money gives an overview of why the pharmaceutical industry is so profitable. With various vaccines now being rolled out, this guide is to help expand the understanding of this industry.

Vaccine Capitalism: A run down of the huge profits being made from COVID-19 vaccines details the money being made by bosses and shareholders from COVID-19 vaccines, in one of the most spectacular examples of profiteering from the pandemic. Could things have been done differently if profit hadn’t been prioritised?

Vaccinating Capitalism: corporate pharma raids the commons and leaves the root causes untreated, investigates how government approaches to the pandemic have prioritised safeguarding the present economic system over taking preventative steps against future pandemics. For a Spanish version, see here.

Animal farming & COVID-19: from China’s wildlife trade to the European fur industry, examines the fur industry and factory farming’s links to the origin and spread of COVID-19.

The Fur Industry: a corporate overview, provides details on the current state of the fur industry in the UK and the companies making money from it. A resource for anybody who wants to campaign against the exploitation of animals, and an industry that could be a catalyst for future pandemics.

Deliveroo: supporting couriers’ struggles against the dodgy delivery firm

Deliveroo has been in the news this month for its botched stock market debut. Our in depth profile of the company and follow up article, both released in the run up to its ‘IPO’, have been read, disseminated and used by couriers fighting for a better deal.

Evelop/Barcelo Group: deportation planes from Spain

The Barcelo Group is a leading Spanish travel and hotel company. Its whose airline Evelop is an all too eager deportation profiteer. This profile has been written in response to requests from anti-deportation campaigners from the Iberian peninsula. Evelop is currently the Spanish government’s main charter deportation partner and has carried out mass deportations from the UK and other European countries. We hope that this profile supports all those resisting such brutal deportations.

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