Gaza/Palestine Newslinks 21 May 2021

21 May 2021 •  18:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

“The Palestinian Sharpeville” – Dr Haidar Eid on the Global Implications of the Gaza Massacre

Pakistan bomb blast targeting Islamist party leader kills 6 at pro-Palestinian rally

Michael Hiltzik on ‘No One Wants to Work!’

Violent clashes erupt between Palestinians & Israeli police at Al-Aqsa mosque, hours after ceasefire agreed (VIDEOS)

Sleep Now in the Fire

10 Ways to End Canadian Complicity with Israeli Violence

Shock and stress for Gaza’s children

Ceasefire ends Israeli terror in Gaza — for now

Chris Hedges, Alan MacLeod on Media Bias and the Christian Right’s Obsession with Israel

Palestine-Israel Conflict: Solution Prescribed Not to Work

Pakistani foreign minister spars with CNN anchor live on air over Israel having ‘deep pockets’ & ‘controlling the media’

American Arms Makers Are Making a Killing Off of Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza

Iran unveils ‘Gaza’ drone as well as new radar and surface-to-air missile capability

Ceasefire Celebrations In Gaza, As U.S. Claims Credit Over Doing Nothing

AP fires young news writer with history of pro-Palestine activism after controversy of agency ‘sharing offices with Hamas’

The Palestinian National Resistance has won yet again! Israel faces both a military & political defeat

For Palestinians, no Choice but to Speak Truth to Power

Middle East Peace Plan – Justice to Palestinians and Security for Israel

Raucous celebrations break out in Gaza, West Bank & East Jerusalem as ceasefire takes effect (VIDEOS)

Ceasefire ends Israeli terror in Gaza — for now

Selected Articles: Israel: Is this the Beginning of the End of Apartheid?

Israel’s Genocide of Gaza, and New Precedent of United Regional Resistance

Palestine is Winning the Legitimacy War

Israel’s Model For Genocide Is At Play Wherever Else Washington Seeks To Destroy Nations

Israel is Ethnically Cleansing Gaza

Gaza/Palestine News Links 19-20 May 2021

The Palestine Litmus Test

As A Doctor In Gaza, These Have Been The Most Difficult Days Of My Life

Israel-Palestine: A New Generation Says ‘Enough Is Enough’

‘Today We Are Nazis,’ Says Member Of Israeli Jewish Extremist Group

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