The June issue of ColdType (Issue 223) is now online

1 June 2021 — ColdType

Welcome to the June issue of ColdType. Our cover story features images from a new book that pays tribute to the work of conflict photographer David P. Gilkey, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2016 while working for the NPR radio service.

We’ve also got three pieces on the latest wave of violence in the Middle East, with Jonathan Cook on the muted response from UK Labour party leader Keir Starmer; former South African government minister Ronnie Kasrils on the high cost of Palestinian freedom under a settler regime; and David Cromwell & David Edwards on the BBC’s one-sided reporting of the Israel assault on Gaza.

Other top writers include Todd Miller, who questions the need for walls and guns on the southern border of the USA; Karen J. Greenberg who wonders if the ‘forever’ prison at Guantanamo Bay will ever shut down; and James Brown on the way a previous plague changed the world’s drinking habits.

In addition, we’ve also got insights from C.J. Hopkins, George Monbiot, Tim Knight, Linda McQuaig, Granville Williams, Linh Dinh, Jim Hightowerand Sam Pizzigati. And to round up the issue, we have Joe Allen on his strange journey from Nashville to Montana, and Tyina Steptoe on an unforgettable album from Marvin Gaye.

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