Watch: Meet the Neo-Nazi Advising Colombian Police on How to Break the National Strike

1 June 2021 — Mint Press News

Behind The Headlines’ Dan Cohen examines the ongoing national strike in Colombia and how President Duque is relying on a neo-fascist ideology to subdue it.

Dan Cohen

In February, Alexis Lopez Tapia was invited by the Colombian military to give a presentation on how to defeat an uprising. He describes a pseudo-intellectual framework called “Dissipated Molecular Revolution.”

He describes an intercontinental communist conspiracy that has taken place over the last three-plus decades to take over Latin America in a post-modern framework.

It lumps together protesters, disparate social and indigenous movements, armed groups, human rights NGOs, civil society – anyone who dissents from the politics of the state – as part of a subversive conspiracy that the military is wholly unprepared for.

While this might sound like a crackpot conspiracy theory to the average viewer, it resonated with the most powerful figure in Colombia: former president Alvaro Uribe.

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