Swiss Voters Fire a Crossbow into the Heart of the Great Reset

30 November 2021 — Upward Vision

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On November 28, 2021 over 1.3 million Swiss citizens voted to reject a new Swiss law that allows the Swiss government to impose a vaccine certificate on the population. Beginning in March, 2021, only hours after the enactment of the law, efforts started to demand a national referendum. Two hundred thousand signatures later, the world’s first direct national referendum on vaccine passports was scheduled for a vote.

Months of heated protests led up to the election held a few days ago. While the referendum was ultimately defeated, the damage to the vaccine agenda in Switzerland was substantial.

Facing a possible defeat in the referendum, the Swiss federal government did not dare to implement the vaccine certificate until after the election. The intensity of the protests along with the massive voter turnout on referendum day put fear into the hearts of the national leaders. The referendum has been defeated but now almost 40 percent of the population is alienated from the government.

Over a million Swiss have drawn a line in the sand against vaccine passports. This was not a vote about highways or fiscal spending. It was a vote about personal liberty, bodily autonomy, government overreach and the freedom to make personal health choices.

Vaccine certificates in Switzerland have become a red line for close to half the people of the country. Government officials wonder what these voters will do when they are no longer allowed into restaurants, bars, and stores. Swiss government officials have no experience enforcing tyranny on their population.

“The tension reflects a heated vote campaign, full of aggressive statements and protests which occasionally turned violent. Michael Hermann, whose Sotomo institute has carried out regular Covid surveys for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SWI’s parent company), told the Bund newspaper before the vote that he had “never experienced such a deep societal divide”.

Two of the Swiss cantons, or states, had majorities that rejected the new Covid laws entirely. One of them, Schwyz, was part of the original Swiss confederation, formed in 1291. It was from Schwyz that the world’s oldest democracy took its name, and Schwyz is not far from Davos, Switzerland where the World Economic Forum meets to make plans to create a world government that will destroy national boundaries along with the voting rights that keep governments accountable to the people.

The potential public humiliation of a referendum rebuke in his host country must have greatly worried Klaus Schwab in his World Economic Forum offices near Geneva. Fortunately for the WEF leader, the Swiss government purchased enough votes to defeat the referendum by bundling the legislation with free money for the unemployed

But that treachery could not stop 1.3 million Swiss voters from proving how the globalist agenda can be defeated. Brave Swiss citizens have wounded the beast that is trying to devour them.

Some have speculated that the societal control grid included in the vaccine passport system was the primary goal of the man-made pandemic. Voters in little Switzerland have proven how the beast can be slain. The struggle against the vaccine passport system will be the hill where the battle is won.

27 U.S. states recently joined together to defeat vaccine mandates in a federal court of appeals in America. Watch this video to find out more about the vaccine mandate struggle in the United States.

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