UK Crony Capitalism: They want to derail us

6 December 2021 — Goodlaw Project

This year, Good Law Project has exposed cronyism right at the heart of Government. It’s perhaps not surprising that those who benefit from these cozy arrangements are trying to derail us.

The Government has told blatant lies, threatened to refer me to my professional regulator, briefed the media against us and shoved enormous bills for legal costs our way. And they’re not the only ones trying to stop us.

I’ve received threatening letters from expensive lawyers, hired by the companies who won lucrative PPE deals, in an effort to silence us. The threats contained in these letters are, we believe, devoid of legal merit. But they can grind us down and diminish our resources.

We will keep going, but this is no easy fight. We’re up against the limitless resources of the Government and wealthy companies who made millions from Covid-19.

What we do have on our side is thousands of people like you, who are just as determined as we are to hold this Government to account. If you’re in a position to do so, will you consider setting up a regular donation to Good Law Project?

Regular donations mean our small team can continue to work around the clock to expose the Government’s sleaze and hold them to account.

Crucially, it means that when we receive bullying letters from expensive law firms or face yet another derailing tactic from a Government intent on silencing us, we know we have enough money in the bank to keep going.

Despite everything that’s been thrown at us this year, we’re still here. We’re still standing. Thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jo Maugham – Good Law Project

Good Law Project only exists thanks to donations from people across the UK. If you’re in a position to support our work, you can do so here:

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