Beijing Deals a Devastating Blow to Washington

Thursday, 10 February 2022 — New Eastern Outlook

Author: Valery Kulikov


The White House’s policy of unfettered discretion and domination, of unceremonious interference in the internal affairs of other countries, has met an increasingly widespread anti-American backlash.

It was Washington that decided to “teach Serbia a lesson” by sponsoring, through the Rockefeller Foundation, anti-government protests in Serbia with the goal of changing the current government in the country, something Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has openly accused the United States of doing. In support of these charges, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić earlier reported that NGOs and foundations of the West have been increasingly active in the country over the past year and a half, financing numerous protests. Among the examples she named were Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, Open Society Foundations, and British and German organizations operating at the behest of Washington. At the same time, the Western opponents of Serbia were preparing an attempt to assassinate Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, as announced by Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin on January 21.

On February 8, former Moldovan President Igor Dodon stated on air of the TV channel “First in Moldova” that the current Moldovan leadership is under active pressure exerted in order to use it in the fight against Russia.

On February 8, Vice President Antônio Hamilton Mourao, in an interview with the newspaper Valor Economico, reported about blatant pressure by the United States on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to cancel his visit to Russia.

Washington’s desire to establish its own order in Ukraine and to use that country not only to oppose Russia, but even to instigate a new war on the European continent has long been an open secret. To this end, the US and its allies have recently been supplying it with various weapons and provoking the breakdown of the Minsk agreements. According to CNN’s Kylie Attwood, the Joe Biden administration secretly gave Ukraine $200 million in additional military aid late last year “to fight the war against Russia.” To increase its influence in Ukraine, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) announced plans to launch a new information program in Ukraine.

There have been many recent publications in various media about the disruptive the United States and some of its allies played in the January destabilization events in Kazakhstan and the attempted coup d’etat in that country, as well as in the aggravation of national conflicts in Central Asian countries and the border conflict between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The overt and cavalier US interference in international public positions on world events has been particularly evident as of late when US officials made their moves toward the Winter Olympics hosted by China.

At the end of the year, for example, Washington inspired an attempt to “diplomatically boycott” the Olympics, strenuously attracting the leaders of various countries to join in this provocative venture. Following instructions from the White House, the US media even launched an anti-Chinese information campaign, branding the Beijing Winter Games as the “Genocide Olympics.” However, the White House’s actions turned out to be a dramatic blow to the US public image in its standoff with China, as was assessed by many foreign media outlets.  And this defeat of the US was further exacerbated by Xi Jinping’s exceptional gesture toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, at the personal invitation of the PRC president, was present among many other foreign heads of state at the opening of the Games in Beijing.

Not to restrain her Sinophobic policy, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US ambassador to the UN, even insisted on February 2 that Secretary General António Guterres should refrain from traveling to Beijing for the Olympics, according to UN sources and Foreign Policy magazine. But even this did not produce the effect expected by Washington: UN Secretary General Guterres arrived in Beijing and took part in the opening of the Olympics.

Ever eager to earn her coin, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield, in an interview with CNN, once again delivered a Sinophobic statement about China’s alleged genocide of the Uyghur minority as well as its crimes against humanity. In this context, she particularly criticized China’s choice of Uyghur skier Dinigeer Yilamujiang as the last Olympic torchbearer for the opening ceremony of the Winter Games.

Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, responded to this outburst by pointing to the extermination of indigenous people in the United States, Washington’s war crimes and the massive number of COVID-related deaths in the United States. Rejecting yet another groundless accusation by the US Permanent Representative, Zhang Jun pointed out that “the repeated US lies about ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang have already been disproved by facts.” People of all nationalities live there “a peaceful, harmonious and happy life.”

In addition, in response to Washington’s recent provocative actions against Taiwan, the PRC ambassador emphasized in his statement that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory, and the resolution of the Taiwan issue is an internal matter for Beijing and does not allow for interference by the United States or any other outside forces. “The future of Taiwan lies in national reunification, not some security guarantee from the US. The US should stop emboldening and supporting the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces, follow the true one-China policy, and match its actions with words. Otherwise, playing (with) fire on the Taiwan question will only end up getting burned.”

Zhang Jun emphasized that while the US talks about human rights, it holds the record for human rights violations:  “With a population of less than a quarter of China’s, the US has a staggering number of COVID-19 deaths, exceeding 900,000 – nearly 200 times that of China – and the number still grows. The US is plagued by gun violence issues, with 17,800 deaths in 2021 alone, leaving its citizens feeling unsafe.” “The systematic ethnic cleansing and mass murder of Native Americans throughout US history is a true genocide and a crime against humanity. The indiscriminate murders of civilians, including women and children, by the US military in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are, in fact, also war crimes,” the Chinese diplomat added.

According to the Chinese Permanent Representative, the US faces grave political, economic, social, security and public health problems. Under such circumstances, Zhang Jun urged US politicians to solve their own problems “rather than dwell on the idea of America’s superiority” over everyone else and not to shift responsibility to others.

Valery Kulikov, political expert, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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