Ukraine News Links 9-10 February 2022

Thursday, 10 February 2022 • 20:00 — The New Dark Age

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Hungary Not Willing To Host NATO Troops Amid Ukrainian Crisis

What The Cuban Missile Crisis Can Teach Us About Today’s Ukraine Crisis

Moscow Confronts ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’

Beijing Deals a Devastating Blow to Washington

How Did We Get Here? The Strategic Blunder of the 1990s that Set the Stage for Today’s Ukrainian Crisis

EU nation bordering Russia readies police amid undisclosed threat

Pepe Brutalizes (Justly) Macron

Neo-Nazis Active In Ukraine As White House Adds 3,000 Troops

The Putin-Macron Summit Was Positive But Not Game-Changing

‘They used axes to spare the ammo’: How modern Ukraine’s Nazi heroes massacred civilians during WWII

Billionaire tapped for Pentagon job

Biden’s got just three options left on Ukraine, and none that’s palatable for him

Ukraine News Links 8-9 February 2022

BBC ‘News’ Links

Jeremy Corbyn was wrong on Nato, says Sir Keir Starmer

Ukraine tensions: Russia begins military drills with Belarus

How suicide became the hidden toll of the war in Ukraine

Ukraine-Russia crisis: Stakes are very high, Boris Johnson says

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