BREAKING: 11 AM Press Conference! CIA & Mike Pompeo SUED for Spying on Americans!

Monday, 15 August 2022 — Assange Defense

Remember when news broke that the CIA plotted to kidnap or assassinate Julian Assange, and that they colluded with a foreign security firm to spy on those who visited him in the embassy?

Today, attorneys announced a bombshell lawsuit against the CIA, its former Director Mike Pompeo, and the security firm he conspired with.

Newsweek has exclusive coverage of the lawsuit, and we expect other outlets to pick up on the story following a press conference today at 11 a.m. in New York. Check out our livestream:

The lawsuit names the CIA, Pompeo, disgraced Spanish security firm UnderCover Global, and its head, David Morales. The suit charges that UnderCover Global spied on Americans visiting Julian at the Ecuadorian embassy, on behalf of the CIA. UnderCover Global not only provided the CIA with information about who visited Julian, but it forced visitors to surrender their electronic devices to enter the embassy – and digitally copied and transmitted the information on those devices to the CIA.

Julian was a legally protected asylee at the time. More than 100 Americans visited Julian in the embassy.

CIA Spying Extended to Doctors, Lawyers, and Journalists

“It’s bad enough that Mike Pompeo showed total disregard for the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens,” noted Courage Foundation’s Nathan Fuller. “It’s even worse given that he authorized illegal spying that also infringed on attorney-client protections and the freedom of the press.” The plaintiffs include two attorneys and two journalists.

One of the plaintiffs is Margaret Ratner Kunstler, a renowned civil rights activist and human rights attorney. This morning, Kunstler blasted the threat authoritarians like Pompeo pose to constitutional liberties. “If a foreign journalist can be prosecuted for publishing factual documents, then no journalist is safe,” Kunstler said. “And apparently Mike Pompeo believes that attorneys representing journalists should not be safe either. These actions are outrageous.”

In Other News

Roger Waters’ “This Is Not a Drill” tour continues! Roger has generously partnered with Assange Defense activists to set up information tables, and we’ve distributed thousands of leaflets and had hundreds of people ask to join our #FreeAssange mailing list. Check out our special page for the Roger Waters tour:

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