Labour sabotaged pro-Corbyn candidates in 2019 election

Wednesday, 24 August 2022 — The Electronic Intifada

Asa Winstanley

A man gives a thumbs up standing next to a polling stationJeremy Corbyn was undermined by Labour staff during the 2019 general election, new documents show. Alex Lentati London News Pictures

During the 2019 UK general election, Labour Party staff worked to undermine their party’s own candidates who were supportive of then leader Jeremy Corbyn.

That’s the revelation contained in a confidential document newly obtained by The Electronic Intifada.

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Indian Workers Defend Their Steel with Their Lives: The Thirty-Fourth Newsletter (2022)

Thursday, 25 August 2022 — The Tricontinental

20220818 D55 Web Feature

Dear friends,

Greetings from the desk of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

The long and distant epoch of pre-history, dated to the time before the start of the Common Era, is conventionally divided into three periods: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. Subsequently, in the era of written history, we generally have not relied upon specific metals or minerals to define our periods. Too many metals and minerals, harnessed by new production techniques and new labour patterns, have contributed to our immense capacity to generate large surpluses. There is the Age of Industry but not, for instance, the Age of Steel, the core metal of our period.

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When Israel killed a painter of flowers and birds

Wednesday, 24 August 2022 — The Electronic Intifada

Hanin A. Elholy and Tasneem Elholy

Some of Duniana al-Amour’s paintings and sketches in the bedroom where she was attacked by Israel’s military. Ashraf Amra APA images

Duniana al-Amour was sustained by her art.

Born in 2000, Duniana encountered a huge amount of aggression in her all-too-short life.

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Ukraine News Links 24-25 August 2022

Thursday, 25 August 2022 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back. If it gets updated, I usually insert the time on the line above. A lot of cross-posting usually indicates that the article is popular and some links may not work, depending on your location but I’ve kept them anyway, so at least the reader has some idea of the scale of censorship now operating in the ‘democratic’ West.

Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Strike Force

US Becomes a Party to the Conflict in Ukraine

Cultural hegemony & the insidious nature of imperialist propaganda

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Six months into Ukraine’s collapse, the world has changed forever

Wednesday, 24 August 2022 — The Cradle

The inevitable transfer of power away from the west is leading to a surge in state-sponsored terrorism, but this will do little to reverse the trend

By Pepe Escobar Credit: The Cradle

Six months after the start of the Special Military Operation (SMO) by Russia in Ukraine, the geopolitical tectonic plates of the 21st century have been dislocated at astonishing speed and depth – with immense historical repercussions already at hand.

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How Capitalism—Not a Few Bad Actors—Destroyed the Internet

3 August, 2022 — Boston Review

Twenty-five years of neoliberal political economy are to blame for today’s regime of surveillance advertising, and only public policy can undo it.

AP Sandberg Facebook

The race to commercialize the Internet is over, and advertising is the big winner. This is excellent news if you are an executive or major shareholder of one of the handful of companies that dominate the $600 billion global digital advertising economy. For almost everyone else, advertising’s good fortunes have meant the erosion of privacy, autonomy, and security, as well as a weakening of the collective means to hold power accountable.

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Intelligence Expert Believes CIA Behind Car Bomb Assassination of Daughter of Alexander Dugin

Wednesday, 24 August 2022 — CovertAction Magazine

By Jeremy Kuzmarov

Daughter of Putin's close ally killed in car bomb 'meant for her dad'Alexander Dugin and his daughter Darya and charred vehicle of the Toyota Land Cruiser that blew up with Darya in it on Saturday night. [Source:]

Douglas Valentine says that “Zelensky doesn’t go to the bathroom without asking permission from his CIA case officer.”

CIA expert Douglas Valentine, author of the seminal book The Phoenix Program (1990), believes that the CIA was behind the car bomb that killed Darya Dugina, a journalist and daughter of well-known Russian intellectual Alexander Dugin.

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