The October 2022 issue 238 of ColdType is now online

Friday, 30 September 2022 — ColdType

We’ve got 52 pages of features in this issue of ColdType to help keep you up to date on what’s going on (and what’s not being reported by the mainstream media) in the world, beginning with Stan Cox’s cover story that digs deep into the most recent US national budget and finds that much of the cash is going to fund the Pentagon’s undeclared ‘war’ on an already-overheating planet.

The media’s so-far successful attempts to manipulate and brainwash the public are highlights of some of our other top features: Ray McGovern shows how we’re being brainwashed into war with Russia; while in his feature, Silencing the Lambs, John Pilger details the workings of propaganda; while Carol Cocha Bell tells how disinformation sank the new Chile constitution.

Among our other big stories, we have Roy Greenslade on the striking contrast in coverage of two independence struggles by a major newspaper; while Trevor Grundy warns of the spectre of fascism in Europe; while David Edwards & David Cromwell discuss the media’s blanket coverage of the Queen’s funeral. We’ve also got Tom Engelhardt on corporate book ‘burning’, George Monbiot on the new UK PM, Abba Solomon on reasons why South Africa’s apartheid solution won’t work in Israel, and a 6-page photo essay by Duncan Mangham


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