Ukraine News Links 27-28 October 2022

Friday, 28 October 2022 — The New Dark Age

Europe Self-Destructing For U.S. Proxy War In Ukraine, W/ Prabhat Patnaik

The Division Of The American Society Is In Ukraine

Will Ursula von der Leyen be forced to resign, and will her deeds be investigated?

NATO Wants To Place Nuclear Missiles On Finland’s Russian Border — Finland Says Yes

OPEC – USA: new policy, new decisions

Russia has already won: Washington’s empty nuclear threats show how the U.S. has been outmaneuvered

Sound and Fury

24 hours after calling for negotiations to end Ukraine war, DSA and “progressive” Democrats demand escalation

Dirty Nuke Bomb Fits Kiev Regime’s Record of Foul Tricks and Corruption

A few headlines about civilizational values and some week-end music

Biden Orders Progressives to Denounce Themselves on Ukraine

Towards Economic Destabilization: Why Germany’s Pursuit of Peace in Ukraine Is Paralyzed

Washington’s Whoppers on the War in Ukraine

NATO Set To Attack Tiraspol?

The War that NATO cannot Fight

Ukraine News Links 26-27 October 2022

Political ‘Justice’ in America

How the Left Became Cheerleaders for US Imperialism

Why Did the West Learn to Embrace Fascism… Again?

‘It’s Extra Problematic When the Implications Are the End of Democracy’ – CounterSpin interview with Julie Hollar and Jim Naureckas on the 2022 elections

The Other Russia-West War: Why Some African Countries are Abandoning Paris, Joining Moscow 

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