Ukraine News Links 11-12 December 2022

Monday, 12 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Brian Berletic Sitrepping.

Short Clarification On “50/50” Offensive.

Andrei Raevsky Asks A Reasonable Question.

The West and its big oil blunder

Capable Of The Worst, The Union Of Certain Rulers Makes World War Possible

Italy Distances From ’Cancellation’ Of Russia

Washington wants Europe’s total Dependence on the US

Ukrainian Forces Continue Shelling Donetsk

Distorting Ukraine’s History

Leaked Files: Private Spying Firm Targets Global Population With Illegal Spyware

The U.S. Cuckoo in the European Nest

The Heat of the Artemovsk Cauldron

Russia Hands UN Details of Ukrainian Attacks on Civilian Targets

Defense Aid to Ukraine Tops $20 Billion as New $275M Package Announced

The Complete Destruction of Ukraine is Unavoidable (Douglas Macgregor)

Ukraine News Links 10-11 December 2022

Daily Chronicles

“Voltaire, International Newsletter” N°18 

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