The Anglo-American Military Axis: West Backs Holy Alliance For Control Of Arab World And Persian Gulf By Rick Rozoff

26 May, 2011 — Global ResearchStop NATO

The standard-bearers of Anglo-American imperialism in the current epoch, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, met in London on May 25 to discuss the world’s two ongoing wars of aggression, those in Afghanistan and Libya, both under the command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization dominated by Washington and London.

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Libya Newslinks 25-26 May 2011

26 May 2011 —

26 May 2011

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Dmitry Sedov – Revolts in Arab world – who’s next?

25 February, 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The revolt in Libya makes us seriously revise our attitude to the events in the Arab East. A widespread point of view that the Internet was to blame for creating options for self-organization has been shaken.

Indeed, the Internet opens opportunities for political mobilization and creation of mass movements, but in any case this is only the channel through which different social groups promote their interests. Accumulation of serious social and economic contradictions when it reaches the point, after which an outbreak of social rage follows, is the real base of national protests. The Internet is not more than a detonator. It is no longer important whether those who want to play with social sentiments have a clear plan of actions or not. It is much more important that without social-economic reasons such plans just don’t work.

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The Struggle for Self-Determination in the Arab World: The Alliance between Arab Dictators and Global Capital By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

14 February, 2011 — Global Research

PART II: Is 1848 Repeating Itself in the Arab World?


Is history repeating itself? Have the events of 1848 in Europe repeated themselves in the Arab World? Will 2011 see the same outcomes as 1848? Only the Arab people can decide. Their fate is in their hands, but they should learn from the mistakes of 1848 and seriously address the role of the capitalist class.

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Revolution in the Arab World… TUNISIA… EGYPT… and Beyond

13 February, 2011 — Left Streamed

Toronto, February 13, 2011.

With Gilbert Achcar – Professor of Development Studies, University of London, author of The Clash of Barbarisms: The Making of the New World Disorder and The Arabs and the Holocaust: the Arab-Israeli War of Narratives.

Moderated by Mary-Jo Nadeau – CAIA.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice; Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid; Faculty for Palestine; Socialist Project; Toronto New Socialists.