Ukraine: Coup-Government Acknowledges Defeat

30 April 2014 — Moon of Alabama

[Note: The views expressed here are not necessarily mine but I think it’s a worthwhile contribution to the debate. WB]

Pushed by CIA Director Brennan and Vice President Biden the Ukrainian government twice tried to use its military against federalists in the east. The second time, when it pushed to blockade the city of Slovyansk, the Russian Federation announced a snap maneuvers of its border troops and threatened to intervene. Kiev called back its forces and the federalists occupied state buildings in more cities in east. Some 23 cities and towns in the Donbass region, which delivers a third of Ukraine’s GDP, are now in their hands. More will be by tomorrow.

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The CIA: Photoshopping a Crisis into a War By Wayne Madsen

24 April 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

A major Central Intelligence Agency conspiracy operation is currently playing out in Eastern Ukraine where, in an age of Photoshop and mail order credentials and military patches, photographs of the same bearded Russian “special forces” commando in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk in Ukraine this year and Georgia in 2008 are being successfully parlayed to the corporate media and by the Ukrainian ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) headquarters in Vienna. The conspiracy operation follows closely on the heels of CIA director John Brennan’s visit to Kiev where he provided intelligence advice to the unelected junta now governing the country…

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Preparing Ukraine for a Proxy War with Russia By Tony Cartalucci

23 april 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The BBC reported in their article, “Ukraine crisis: Biden to meet Kiev leaders in show of support,” that:

US Vice-President Joe Biden is to meet Ukraine’s new leaders in a show of support for the pro-Western government.

Mr Biden is due to discuss the forthcoming elections with the country’s interim prime minister and president during his visit to Kiev.

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