ColdType, September 2012: Herman / Solomon / Schecter et al

11 September 2012

In the September issue of COLDTYPE MAGAZINE – download your free copy today

86 Pages: Our biggest issue so far. 

Cover story is The Internment of Marian PriceEamonn McCann’s tale of the strange affair of Marian Price, a gravely-ill former IRA bomber, who has been detained by the British government. The story says much about the state’s denial of legal and human rights to its citizens. 

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 27 January 2012: Michael Parenti: Free-Market Medicine: A Personal Account

27 January 2012Information Clearing House

Masked Gunmen Rule in Damascus: Video
In many parts of the county it is not clear who is actually in control. The situation is certainly very dangerous for civilians.

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Occupy Wall Street and then the World Newslinks 7-10 November 2011

10 November 2011 —

10 November 2011
Introducing the Robin Hood tax
Links – International journal of socialist renewal Today at 13:09
Notes from a talk at Occupy Wellington on October 29, 2011, to coincide with the #RobinHood global march By Grant Brookes, Tax Justice Campaign (New Zealand)
The campaign for a Robin Hood tax began a little over 18 months ago with a little-noticed launch in London. Supporters from a handful of British charities, faith groups and trade unions projected images onto the Bank of England, in an effort to lobby the British government to introduce a new tax on banks to tackle poverty and climate change. Today, it has become a global movement.

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Video: The Shape of Things to Come in Libya: Interview with Michael Parenti By Sean Thomas

7 September 2011 — MRZine

Michael Parenti: Expect the same thing as you saw happened in Yugoslavia and in Eastern Europe.  There will be a massive privatization taking place.  The public economy that the Gaddafi government had built over 40 years, which included public subsidies for housing, for education, for healthcare — all those things will be privatized.  The oil fields will be handed over to private companies for private profit.  Death squads will come in to clean up those who might still have a commitment to a social wage or a communal wage.  This is what we have to look forward to, and that was the real intention.  It was to overthrow the government, it wasn’t any humanitarian concern, it wasn’t any concern for democracy.

Michael Parenti is the author of 23 books.  His latest book is The Face of Imperialism.  This video was released by Russia Today on 21 August 2011.  Cf. David D. Kirkpatrick, “Libyans Turn Wrath on Dark-Skinned Migrants” (New York Times, 4 September 2011).

Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy By Michael Parenti

30 June 2011 — Global ResearchInformation Clearing House – 2011-06-28

Why has the United States government supported counterinsurgency in Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, and many other places around the world, at such a loss of human life to the populations of those nations? Why did it invade tiny Grenada and then Panama? Why did it support mercenary wars against progressive governments in Nicaragua, Mozambique, Angola, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, East Timor, Western Sahara, South Yemen, and elsewhere?

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Information Clearing House Newsletter June 28, 2011: Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy: Michael Parenti

28 June 2011 — Information Clearing House

Disgusting, Depraved And Illegal: Petraeus Says Torture an Option for US
By Ken Dilanian
David Petraeus, Barack Obama’s choice to be the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, says the US should consider using special interrogation techniques when a captive is withholding information that is immediately needed to save lives.

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