Back in the (former) USSR: Putin is Anointed King, but Big Capital has the Real Power – RAI with A. Buzgalin (7/12)

21 July 2018 — TRNN

On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Aleksandr Buzgalin says after the chaotic ‘90’s, the Russian oligarchs needed a stronger central state to defend their class interests, but Putin’s individual power should not be exaggerated – with host Paul Jay (inc. transcript)

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Back in the USSR: Shock Without the Therapy: A New Russia is Born in Chaos and Plunder – RAI with A. Buzgalin (6/12)

July 19, 2018 — TRNN

On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexander Buzgalin says the collapse of the Soviet Union was followed by the rise of billionaire oligarchs as the “free market” led to the impoverishment of the people – with host Paul Jay (inc. transcript) Continue reading

Ukraine in Turmoil: War May Come at Any Time as It Came Twice during the Last Century By Israel Shamir

18 May 2014 — 4th Media

 As Russia procrastinates, as the US doubles risks, the world draws nearer to the nuclear abyss.  

It is not much fun to be in Kiev these days. The revolutionary excitement is over, and hopes for new faces, the end of corruption and economic improvement have withered. The Maidan street revolt and the subsequent coup just reshuffled the same marked deck of cards, forever rotating in power.

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Imposters in Kiev and Criminal Oligarchs: Alliance against People of Ukraine By Andrey Sulimenko

31 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Kiev regime is bouncing back after the first shock of the events in Crimea. It starts to quash the unrest in the south-eastern part of the country where people resist the coup. Its leaders have…widely rejected recognition. There is a reason to believe that the regime will use the most repressive and outright coercive methods to deal with the population and resistance leaders.

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Who’s Who in Ukraine’s New “Semi-fascist” Government: Meet the People the U.S. and EU are Supporting By Brian Becker

8 March 2014 — Global Research

The U.S. and European Union countries played a key role in the overthrow of the elected government in the Ukraine headed by Victor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions. Listening to the politicians in Washington or watching the corporate media, it would be easy to believe that the coup in the Ukraine has ushered in new era of democracy for the people of that country.

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The West tightens noose around Ukraine’s Economy By Olga Shedrova

9 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Economy in doldrums, the Kiev junta is urgently reviving cooperation with the International Monetary Fund. On March 4 a team from the IMF was in Kiev to study the books and consider a loan. Kiev hopes to get the first $3 billion in a month. Yatsenyuk rushed to assure the West that Ukraine is ready to meet all the conditions put forward by the Fund. One can imagine how badly it is going to hurt common people.  Continue reading