A Slavyansk Farewell – Film by Alexander Kots & Dmitry Steshin

8 August 2014 — Slavyangrad.org

Preamble: Our gratitude goes to our partners at Anti-Maidan.Com for preparing a superb translation of this landmark documentary film by Komsomolskaya Pravda (“KP”) journalists, Alexander Kots and Dmitry Steshin. Neither the film, nor the authors require any further introduction. Please watch, reflect, and share. Continue reading

Slavyansk is out of sight now …

5 July 2014 — Slavyangrad

by Dmitry Steshin (Komsomolskaya Pravda)
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

I understand and share in the bitterness and resentment of those who found out this morning that the Militia has left Slavyansk. The news washed over everyone – the hoorah-patriots, the all-is-lost-patriots and even the cold analytical types. And now, please listen to a person who spent the last month and a half in Slavyansk.

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US-backed regime retakes Slavyansk, threatens bloodbath in eastern Ukraine By Alex Lantier

7 July 2014 — WSWS

Over the weekend, after indiscriminate artillery bombardments, forces of the US-backed Ukrainian regime retook the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, which had been strongholds of armed opposition to the government that emerged from February’s fascist-led putsch in Kiev.

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Despite round table talks, Ukrainian regime escalates crackdown By Johannes Stern

16 May 2014 — WSWS

The United States and Europe signaled their support for the Kiev regime’s “antiterror” operations to crush pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine, even as the Kremlin indicated its support for so-called “round table” talks on Wednesday in Kiev and distanced itself from the protesters.

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Ukrainian regime launches fascist-led crackdown By Alex Lantier

25 April 2014 — WSWS

The Western-backed regime in Kiev and fascist militias allied to it launched a bloody crackdown against pro-Russian protests across eastern Ukraine yesterday. With the Kremlin massing forces on Russia’s border with Ukraine, threatening to intervene defend ethnic Russians, the situation is on the brink of a war between Russia and Ukraine, which could escalate into a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

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