Joe Bageant: Joe, why did you crap out on us?

15 April, 2010 — Joe Bageant

Did everything get so hopeless you just gave up? I liked your fighting spirit here, in 2004, and feel when you’ve got a voice, as you have, we’d appreciate hearing it as a call to arms instead of an old man’s complaints. I can say this without being ageist, I’m probably older than you.

So get out of my way and Katy bar the door! I for one am taking to the streets, joining every damned faggot commie tree hugging protest march that comes rattling the pike. I don’t care if these are the last days of the empire of the locusts. I don’t care if the entire jackal nation is at our very throats. Let whatever history remains record that some of us went down with a fight, and that perhaps a few of us indeed became ‘sages with transfigured faces’.

The economy stinks, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done — that in itself is an indictment of our economic policy.

The environment is trashed. Even more work to be done here.

In the meantime the jackals are winning.

Just some thoughts.




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