NATO Newslinks 24 May 2011: France, NATO to deploy helicopters in Libya

24 May 2011 —

NATO Says Blast Kills 4 Service Members in Afghanistan
Fox News
In a separate incident, NATO says four of its service members have been
killed by an explosion in eastern Afghanistan. KABUL, Afghanistan – NATO
says four of its service members have been killed in an explosion in
eastern Afghanistan. …

France, NATO to deploy helicopters in Libya: source
By John Irish PARIS — France and other members of the NATO-led coalition
plan to deploy attack helicopters in Libya, a French diplomatic source said
on Monday, a move aimed at ramping up pressure against Muammar Gaddafi’s
forces. …

NATO bombs Libya; rebels seek EU funding
UPITarek Alhuony NAPLES, Italy, May 23 (UPI) — NATO reported bombing
several Libyan military targets during the weekend and rebel leaders
appealed to the European Union for financial aid. The NATO command in
Naples, Italy, said Monday Moammar Gadhafi …

Sealift Extends Lifeline to a Rebel City in Libya
New York Times
On the way back to Benghazi, a NATO helicopter circled the tug boat to
investigate, but eventually allowed it to pass. Saif Nasser, left, captain
of the Al Iradah 6, talking with a NATO warship as his rebel-controlled tug
boat makes its way across the …

Shaking a violent Kandahar narrative forged by insurgent bombs and NATO might
The Canadian Press
Every now and so often, an American military convoy passes down one of the
main streets, a reminder of a massive NATO presence that’s otherwise
largely invisible along the byways of the city. Rifle-toting Afghan police
are ubiquitous, but they mostly …

History in the making
… and turned towards the designated parking area, was the variety of
vehicles people were using to arrive at the two-day “Dharna” or sit-in
by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), against the drone attacks and the Nato
supplies that fuel these attacks. …

Sit-in suspends NATO supplies
International News Network
ISLAMABAD: While implementation of Parliament’s resolution to halt NATO
supplies in protesting drones was not in sight, last night bombing in
Khyber Agency and PTI’s sit-in at Karachi forced suspension of transit
through Pakistan. …

Canada leaves behind a ‘dramatically improved’ Panjwaii for US: Petraeus
The Canadian Press
BAZAAR-E-PANJWAII., Afghanistan — The governor of Kandahar’s restive
Panjwaii district pleaded with NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan for more
money and resources to convince insubordinate Taliban to lay down their
weapons. …

“NATO attacks on Libya must end,” says PAP
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
The Pan African Parliament has condemned what it calls the military
aggression by NATO forces in Libya. In a statement mailed to media houses
on the continent, the Pan African Parliament says the bombing of public
facilities, infrastructure and …

Libya rebels take diplomatic push to Turkey, Russia
Libya’s rebels took their diplomatic offensive to NATO’s sole Muslim member
Turkey on Monday, a day after the European Union opened a mission in their
Benghazi bastion. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the head of the rebels’ provisional
administration, …

USJFCOM collaborates with NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence
United States Joint Forces Command
US Joint Forces Command supports NATO M&S COE and nations in their
transformation efforts by providing subject matter experts with modeling
and simulation activities. By MC2 (SW/AW) Amanda Dunford and Jessica Harbin

Nato looks into plan for UAE embassy
The National
Janek Skarzynski / AFP ABU DHABI // The UAE is to attempting to become the
first Arab country to send an ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty
Organisation (Nato), but details are yet to be finalised, officials said
yesterday. …

Nato operations in Libya: data journalism breaks down which country does what
The Guardian (blog)
How much is each Nato country contributing to operations in Libya? Here’s
the most comprehensive analysis yet of who is doing what Nato operations in
Libya, data journalism breaks them down. Click image for full graphic
Nato’s Libya operations are …

Terrorist involved in damaging NATO tankers arrested
Pakistan Observer
Islamabad—Islamabad Police have arrested a terrorist and close aide of
group involved in damaging NATO oil containers besides recovering four
kilogram explosive material, two hand grenades from him, a police spokesman
said here Sunday. …

Russia should stay high on alert after NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan
The Voice of Russia
At the beginning of the conflict in Afghanistan European countries, Russia
and the United States worked together, and Russia contributed more than any
NATO country to the success of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan in
2001. …

It’s OK for Israelis Kill Arabs: The US-Led NATO Double-Standard Again
For decades, Arab people long, know almost certainly that, the US-Led-NATO
powers, always ‘liked’ and backed categorically, the ousted pro-‘Israel’
dictatorial regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, as well as, the yet will– be-
ousted dictatorial regimes of Libya …’s%20OK%20for%20Israelis%20Kill%20Arabs,%20The%20US-Led%20NATO%20Double-Standard%20Again%20By%20Ali%20Al-Hail.htm

Economic crisis and a thirst for money, the true reasons for the war in Libya
Based on unsubstantiated claims, NATO’s No Fly Zone hides the economic
interests and frustrations of Europe and the Arab League. The Church offers
a lesson to the world’s silent pacifists. Rome (AsiaNews) – “Europe is
making a fool of itself in front …,-the-true-reasons-for-the-war-in-Libya-21634.html

NATO has no place in the Karabakh settlement process today, Polish Ambassador says
Public Radio of Armenia
Today NATO has no place in the process of settlement of the Karabakh
issue,” Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Armenia
Zdzislaw Raczynski told reporters today, referring to an earlier statements
by the Secretary General of the …

US missiles in Europe may lead to new arms race – chief of general staff
The Voice of Russia
During a summit of the Russia-NATO Council in November 2010, Russia and
NATO agreed that they would cooperate on creating a European missile
defense system. Russia offered to cover the northwestern sector of the
missile defense shield on condition it …

Afghan forces will be ready by 2014
The news came as Nato announced it is increasing the training period for
Afghan police recruits from six to eight weeks. Sir William said that
although this doesn’t sound like much, it is “an extra third”. He continued
that the current Nato training …

Attacks in Pakistan since Osama’s killing
May 21: Fifteen people were killed in a NATO oil tanker blast following a
bomb attack on the vehicle in northwest Pakistan. May 20: One person was
killed and 10 people, including two Americans, were injured in a powerful
explosion that targeted US …

Nato attacks in Libya: key targets, day by day
The Guardian (blog)
Nato has been bombarding pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya since 31 March 2011 in
Operation Unified Protector. Our map shows the targets reported. Hit start
to see the events unfold over time – both day by day and cumulatively.

Simulating NATO in Serbia
The inaugural Model NATO Serbia took place in Belgrade from 20th-22nd May,
providing university students from throughout Serbia was an opportunity to
directly experience NATO’s consensus-based decision-making structure.
Responding to a variety of …

Russia seeks pledge from NATO on Missile Defense
RIA Novosti
By JUDY DEMPSEY Russia is seeking assurances from NATO that any missile
defense system the military alliance deploys in Europe will not be directed
against the country. Russia has in the past threatened to place missiles in
Kaliningrad — a small area …

If Russia does not trust the EU and NATO, why should they trust Russia?
Experts’ club
Russia does not trust the EU and NATO, while those, in turn, do not trust
Moscow – Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg told the Kommersant
newspaper. As the politician stated, Russia is seeking to regain its status
of the Soviet Union in …

Arab states play limited role in battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime
The Guardian
Photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images They were welcomed into the
fold with great fanfare, the crucial Arab backing for a Nato mission that
needed regional allies to give it the stamp of legitimacy. But two months
into Operation Unified …

AU to hold extraordinary summit allocated for Nato’s aggression against Libya
AU announced yesterday it would hold an extraordinary summit to be
allocated for Nato’s aggression on Libya in the headquarter of African
Union Commission in Addis Ababa. The reason for holding this summit was
declared on the website of AU yesterday …

Time for Africa to stand up
The Southern Times
NATO’s war on Libya has been a serious indictment on the multilateral
system established in the wake of the Second World War with lofty ideals of
saving the world from the scourge of war as espoused in the preamble to the
UN Charter. …

Standing Still in Front of a “Window of Opportunity”
RIA Novosti
Russia — in the context of its interests — is helping the United States
and NATO in Afghanistan. It has stopped opposing the United States, as
often used to be the case, simply out of principle. A recent example was
the refusal to veto the resolution …

NATO continues destroying command structures of Gaddafi regime
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, May 23 (KUNA) — NATO warplanes in the last 24 hours destroyed
one command and control node of the Gaddafi regime near Tripoli. Moreover,
NATO said in a statement Monday that its planes destroyed one missile
support facility near al-Khuma, …

Military dominance follows economic power – again
Leadership Magazine
Besides its massive problems with a debt crisis, budget deficits and the
problems of keeping a united front in attempts to come to grips with the
mounting instability of North Africa and the Middle East, NATO’s
geo-military and political dominance in …

President Mugabe confirmed, “ Nato’s colonial aggression targets Libya’s …
Speaking to Zimbabwean newspaper, Sadon Times, president Robert Mugabe
extremely condemned Nato’s aggression against Libya emphasizing that the
aggression led by Nato forces,” aims at dividing Libya and looting her
wealth resources”. …

NAM Ministerial Meeting amidst Complex International Scenario
Representatives of 120 member nations of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) are
gathering on Monday in Bali, Indonesia, in the bloc’s Ministerial
Conference, which will hold sessions when one of its member nations is
being bombed by NATO. …

Cameron’s America
New York Times
First there was the curious American “handover” to NATO, as if NATO
were not the United States and the rest. Then there was the American pause
in combat sorties. The result has been a mission that often gives the
impression of being halfhearted and …

NATO: Blast kills 4 service members in Afghanistan
eTaiwan News
AP NATO says four of its service members have been killed in an explosion
in eastern Afghanistan. The international military alliance says the blast
happened Monday but does not provide further details or the troopers’
nationalities. …

NATO to deploy helicopters in Libya: French source
Reuters Canada
By John Irish and Mohammed Abbas PARIS/MISRATA, Libya (Reuters) – NATO
plans to use attack helicopters in Libya to help break a military stalemate
with forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, a French diplomatic source said on
Monday. …

Libya’s telco sector suffers amid Nato airstrikes
Nato airstrikes have cost the Libyan telecomms sector billions in
infrastructure damage and lost earnings. By Roger Field Published May 22,
2011 Libya’s telecoms sector has lost about 1.5 billion dinars ($1.22
billion) in terms of infrastructure damage …

Why not give some of Gaddafi’s held money to Sierra Leone and Liberia?
Newstime Africa
US Congressman Brad Sherman (Democrat, California) thinks in the wake of
NATO’s expensive operations in Libya to contain Muammar Gaddafi’s attempts
to kill protestors and the budget battle on Capitol Hill, the seized
Gaddafi money, totaling over US$100 …

Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: May 22, 2011 “ Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
Dozens of civilians were killed in the air strikes, which NATO claims are
allegedly needed to enforce the UN Security Council resolution on
introducing a no-fly zone over Libya.

Lessons from NATO terrorism over Libya | PK ARTICLES HUB
By admin786
As composite terror organisation unleashing joint fascist operations on
sovereign Libya, NATO forces target innocent Libyans in the name of regime
change and murder of Libyan leader Col. Qaddafi. Obama wants to kill him
through illegal …

NATO, Russia coming to an agreement on missile defense | European …
By y2009k
By Anders Fogh Rasmussen When I took office in 2009, many were surprised
that I devoted my first keynote speech to Russia. And some may be surprised
again that during my visit to the United States this week, one of the
themes I will …

Libya: NATO Warplanes Attack Gaddafi Residence And Tripoli Port
NATO has reportedly hit the Libyan capital’s main port and Muammar
Gaddafi’s residence early on Sunday. Tripoli officials claim the bombings
have triggered.

NATO bombs Libya; rebels seek EU funding – World Report – World …
NAPLES, Italy, May 23 (UPI) — NATO reported bombing several Libyan
military targets during the weekend and rebel leaders appealed to the

Channel 6 News “ Bomb blast kills 4 NATO troops in eastern Afghanistan
By BNO News
KABUL (BNO NEWS) — A bomb blast in eastern Afghanistan on Monday killed
four coalition service members, the NATO-led International Security
Assistance Force (ISAF) confirmed. ISAF said four of its service members
were killed after an …

NATO demolishes EIGHT Libyan Warships | Pressemitteilung & News
By jarodz35
NATO attacked the ships in Tripoli, Al-Khums and Sirte after it was
apparent that Gadhafi’s forces were increasingly using naval vessels to
launch attacks on civilians, said Mike Bracken, NATO’s military spokesman.

Road bomb kills four NATO troops in Afghanistan (AFP) | WbNews
By Yahoo! News: World News
AFP – A roadside bomb attack killed four foreign soldiers in eastern
Afghanistan on Monday, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force
said in a …

Karachi jihadi attack targeted Pak Navy role in NATO ops | Firstpost
It could add to the humiliation of the Pakistani armed forces and trigger
attempts to divert suspicion against India.

Libya says NATO causing humanitarian crisis –
Libyan officials sounded alarm Saturday over NATO bombings of three ports
which they said would trigger a crisis by limiting the movement of supply
ships …

NATO Libya fighting: NATO expects Moammar Kadafi’s regime to …
NATO’s top official said Thursday that the air campaign in Libya had
seriously damaged Moammar Kadafi’s ability to fight and that continued
military and …

Pakistan NATO helicopters: NATO helicopters crossed into airspace …
The aircraft exchanged gunfire with an army post near the border, injuring
two soldiers, officials say. The confrontation came just a day after a U.S.,0,2198365.story

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