Spain’s Tahrir Embracing Egypt’s Tahrir

27 May 2011

Gamila Zahran puts out Arabian Sights, an occasional email letter and I think this one is well worth spreading a little further.

In Pictures

Tahrir Square Spreads to Spain

Placa Tahrir Placa Catalonia in Barcelona. The white sign underneath says it all: “Tunisia, Egypt, Libya! One struggle, ONE fight.”

Just Like Tahrir Square Tents And Amazing Fathering of Peaceful Protesters Spain Puerta Del Sol
Big Banner: People of Europe Rise UP, in Spain’s Puerta Del Sol.
The center yellow sign says a familiar demand of the Egyptian Revolution: “Down with the Regime, Down with Oppression. Justice Freedom Equality”

May 22 2011 – Solidarity Gathering From Tahrir in Front of Spanish Embassy in Cairo Egypt

Tahrir Square Today (may 27/2011)
Egyptian Activists Stage ‘Second Revolution’ Rally
55 minutes ago
The activists are demanding the ruling military government quicken the pace of democratic reforms, including rooting out official corruption. They say military-leaders have included too many members of Mubarak’s ruling party in the reform process. …

In Videos

Egyptian Tahrir

Tent City ‘Freedom Motel’ in Tahrir Square,32068,784703105001_2048272,00.html

A Night in Tahrir Square

Spanish Tahrir

15.05.2011 -Are these the streets oif Cairo, or Madrid??

Spain’s protesters, people are drawing parelles to “Arab Revolutions”.

Placa Tahrir— “Egypt’s Tahrir Square is an inspiration, and they want to sart a European wave of protest…”

“First, The Arab World, then Madrid, now Athens. Outraged Greek youth is taking its lead from the Arab Spring…”

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