Bahrain Newslinks 5 June 2011: Continuing Bahraini State Terror

5 June 2011 —

Bahrain decision a costly mistake for F1: Mosley
Times of India
LONDON: Former motor racing chief Max Mosley added his voice on Sunday to those opposed to Formula One racing in Bahrain this season, warning that the sport would pay a heavy price for the decision. The sport’s governing body, that the Briton headed …

Bahrain king approves $16.4 bln spending for 2 yrs
MANAMA, June 5 (Reuters) – Bahrain’s king approved a budget of $16.44
billion over the next two years, a finance ministry spokesman said on
Sunday — a 44 percent rise in expenditures in the kingdom, hit by
political unrest earlier this year. …

Continuing Bahraini State Terror
By Stephen Lendman (about the author) Page 1 of 3 page(s) For months,
Bahraini and Saudi security forces targeted nonviolent protesters and
activists wanting the repressive Al Khalifa monarchy replaced by
constitutionally elected government, …

Local event sheds light on forgotten Bahrain atrocities
Arab American News
By Nick Meyer DEARBORN — While media coverage of atrocities committed
against peaceful protesters in the Gulf island nation of Bahrain has been
spotty at best in the United States and even in many international and Arab
world media outlets, …

Max Mosley: Bahrain decision must be reversed or F1 will live to regret it
With this background, it will be claimed that reinstating the Formula One
race in Bahrain is beneficial. It will bring the Shia and Sunni communities
together, uniting the warring factions as part of a process of
reconciliation. …

UN chief calls on Bahrain leaders to uphold rights
UNITED NATIONS — UN chief Ban Ki-moon called on Bahrain’s influential
crown prince to uphold international rights norms in dealing with
opposition protests, a UN spokesman said Saturday. Ban met with Prince
Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa and the Gulf …

Driver Expresses Concern About Bahrain
New York Times
By REUTERS The Australian driver Mark Webber has spoken out against Formula
One’s controversial decision to race in Bahrain this season and said he did
not expect the rescheduled race to happen. “Even though a decision has
been made, I’ll be highly …

Gulf Daily News
MANAMA: A top UN official yesterday admitted it received false information
about what happened in Bahrain during the unrest. “Certain information
which we received about the developments in Bahrain was untrue,” UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights …

Bahrain summons Iraqi charge d’affaires
By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief Manama: Bahrain on Saturday summoned the Iraqi
charge d’affaires to express its indignation and condemnation of the
statements made by Iraqi MP Ahmad Al Chalabi to a local TV station. Hamad
Al Amer, foreign ministry …

Crown Prince of Bahrain to Visit the White House
PR Newswire (press release)
MANAMA, Bahrain, June 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The White House
confirmed it will host His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad
bin Isa al-Khalifa during his upcoming visit to the United States this
week. The Crown Prince will discuss …

Buemi supports Bahrain
Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Buemi is not perturbed about heading to Bahrain
later this year for the delayed Formula One race. The Bahrain Grand Prix,
originally arranged to be the season opener, was postponed due to security
concerns – but has been …

Why promote more misery for Bahrain?
Gulf Daily News
I write in reply to your email urging me to sign a petition to cancel the
2011 F1 race in what you call “brutal Bahrain.” The decision on whether or
not to hold the F1 race in Bahrain in November this year was an extremely
important one for Bahrain, …

BAHRAIN: Sunni detainee still held under mysterious circumstances
Los Angeles Times
Emergency law was lifted Wednesday in Bahrain but Mohamed Albuflasa remains
in jail. Albuflasa Imprisoned the first week of Bahrain’s demonstrations
when the protest movement believed it might extract reforms from the
island’s monarchy. …

DFA lowers alert level for Bahrain
The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has lowered the crisis alert level
for Bahrain from level 2 to level 1 following the lifting of the state of
emergency in the country by the Bahraini government. The Bahraini Royal
Palace announced on May 31 the …

Bahrain Women Singled Out as Targets for Repression
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Bahraini women have been the main target of
security forces since the pro-democracy protests started in mid February.
According to the article, human rights groups said there were signs that
more and more women have been …

Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) dismisses hundreds of its employees in flagrant …
On 29th May 2011, General Federation of Bahrain trade unions last
statistics showed that the dismissed number of workers reached 1724 workers
[1] However, the actual number is larger, this number is just the number of
those who registered at the Union …

Bahrain to hold F1
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
(MENAFN) President of Bahrain’s Information Affairs Authority, Fawaz Al
Khalifa, announced that the Kingdom gained the necessary approvals to host
a Formula 1 race in the current season, reported Arabian Business. The
statement came as Al Khalifa …

Bank executives due back in Bahrain court
Trade Arabia
The trial of 13 former bank executives facing charges that include
providing false or misleading information and destroying or withholding
files in relation to loan activities is due back in a Bahrain court on June
26. They worked for Awal Bank or The …

Five killed, nine injured in Matni Bazaar bomb blast
Associated Press of Pakistan
UNITED NATIONS, June 5 (APP): UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has
reaffirmed his call on Bahrain’s Government and security forces to uphold
international human rights standards, days after authorities in that
country lifted a state of emergency …

GOYS President Hails “We Are for Bahrain” Campaign
Bahrain News Agency
(BNA) – President of the General Organisation for Youth and Sport (GOYS)
Hesham Mohammed Al Jowdar has lauded the efforts made by the organisers of
the “We Are for Bahrain” campaign, organized yesterday by the Bahrain Women
Development Society’s “Kind … – F1 News: Mosley: Bahrain ‘will cost F1 dear’
Former FIA president Max Mosley says the decision to reinstate the Bahrain
Grand Prix on the 2011 world championship calendar.

Webber casts doubt on Bahrain race –
Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber says he will be ‘highly surprised’ if
the reinstated Bahrain Grand Prix goes ahead later this year, despite…

Max Mosley: F1 risks being ‘complicit’ with Bahrain government …
By (Negative…
With this background, it will be claimed that reinstating the Formula One
race in Bahrain is beneficial. It will bring the Shia and Sunni communities
together, uniting the warring factions as part of a process of
reconciliation. …

Mosley on Bahrain: “F1 will share the regime’s guilt” | Adam …
By adamcooperf1
Mosley made his opposition to the Bahrain GP clear last week. Speaking in
the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, Mosley says that sports administrators should
steer clear of politics, noting that in this case F1 is being seen to
support the …

Bahrain Grand Prix? ‘Over my dead body’, says Mosley – Autoblog UK
By David Hobbs
It seems everyone has an opinion on the news that the Bahrain Grand Pix is
back on – and many of them aren’t backing the.

Webber affirms opposition to Bahrain Grand Prix | F1 Fanatic round-up
By Keith Collantine
Bernie Ecclestone: “It’s obvious that everybody feels they need to be
safe when we get there. In the end we’ll have to wait and see what happens
in Bahrain. If there is peace and no problems then I suppose the teams will
be all right.” …

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights “ Blog Archive “ Bahrain …
Bahrain:Medical Doctors before a military court. June 4th, 2011. Bahrain
Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) is deeply concerned about summoned
at least 7 Medical Doctors by National Safety court ( Military court ). …

Bahrain police ‘suppress protest’ | maroc morocco news
By admin
He said some left after the funeral to protest at the slums near Bab
al-Bahrain, but were stopped by security forces armed with tear gas and
rubber bullets. It did not appear that security forces used these weapons
in that confrontation …

Bahrain: U.S. Pressures Bahrain Royal to Reform | Project on …
By Sarah
President Barack Obama invited Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin
Isa al-Khalifa to the White House next week to discuss political
liberalization. The .

Mark Webber doubts rescheduled Bahrain GP will happen | Only Cars
By onlycars
Red Bull driver Mark Webber is uncertain that the rescheduled Bahrain Grand
Prix will take place. The Australian, 34, said: “Even though a decision
has been made , I’ll be highly surprised if the Bahrain Grand Prix goes
ahead this year.” …

2011 Bahrain Grand Prix “ Mark Webber
Mark’s thoughts on yesterday’s announcement to reschedule the 2011 Bahrain
Grand Prix “My opinion is unchanged since I was first asked about this in
late …

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