Wikileaks Newslinks 5 June 2011

5 June 2011 —

Hay festival: Julian Assange was prepared to name superinjunction holders
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has suggested he was prepared to reveal the names of individuals covered by superinjunctions issued by the British courts to protect their privacy. By Patrick Sawer, and Holly Watt Mr Assange said the WikiLeaks …

WikiLeaks: Irish worried Tony Blair was ‘too soft’ with Sinn Fein
Belfast Telegraph
By Adrian Rutherford and Tom Brady A senior Irish official raised concerns
that Tony Blair’s desire to cut a peace deal could lead to him becoming too
soft on Sinn Fein. In an unusual move, the Dublin government – generally
protective of republican …

WIKILEAKS – Mark Shields held Adams in disdain
Jamaica Gleaner
A diplomatic cable obtained by The Gleaner through the non-profit media
entity WikiLeaks reported that Shields not only expressed his disdain for
Adams during a December 2005 meeting, but made very damming allegations
against Adams to a senior US …

WIKILEAKS – Paulwell’s nine lives
Jamaica Gleaner
Former Government minister Phillip Paulwell has received a failing grade
from officials of the United States Embassy in Kingston who described him
as a “conflicted and meddling” minister. But Paulwell, who received top
marks locally for his …

Wikileaks: Gordon Brown ‘wanted to undo Tony Blair’s Iraq mistake’
By Kenny Farquharson US DIPLOMATS believed Gordon Brown wanted to pull
troops out of Iraq to show the British public he was “the leader who undid
Blair’s mistake” in going to war. The assessment appears in a briefing
document for Hank Paulson, …

WikiLeaks: Pak government ‘crossed a red line’ with missing people
The Express Tribune
In a new WikiLeaks cable, a US diplomat says that the Supreme Court’s order
to locate missing persons in October 2006 was the first official
acknowledgement that the government had crossed a red line in its pursuit
of the war on terror and against …

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Confidentiality no longer exists
Irish Independent
Last week, I excitedly fell upon the Ireland cables obligingly provided by
WikiLeaks and was disappointed. Maybe readers who are not political anoraks
might have been shocked and surprised by some of the quotes from the US
diplomats paid to study …

Pakistan: WikiLeaks exposes complicity in US attacks
Green Left Weekly
By Farooq Sulehria Media outlets from the Dawn Media Group, Pakistans
leading media house, published the first set of WikiLeaks files relating to
Pakistan on May 20. The leaked US cables revealed that the Pakistani
military is complicit in US drone …

WikiLeaks Iraq cables: U.N. Undersecretary General Vaness discusses staffing …
This is the text of a US diplomatic cable about UK military involvement in
Iraq, obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to Scotland on Sunday.
Classified By: Ambassador Khalilzad for reasons 1.4(b) and (d). 1. (C)
Summary: In a January 19 meeting, …

WikiLeaks: Northern Ireland ‘a gateway to Ireland for prostitutes, pimps and …
Belfast Telegraph
By Adrian Rutherford and Tom Brady Northern Ireland was identified as a key
gateway for criminal gangs involved in people trafficking and illegal
immigration. Experts believed the region was being used to move women from
Eastern Europe, Asia, …

Wikileaks: Tories asked to oppose pull-out
By Kenny Farquharson THE US government sounded out David Cameron on his
willingness to oppose the withdrawal of the UK military from Iraq. But
Cameron, who was leader of the opposition at the time, rebuffed the
Americans, saying “the Tories won’t break …

Wikileaks: The Quito Cables – Analysis
Eurasia Review
However, judging from US cables declassified by the whistle-blowing outfit
WikiLeaks, diplomats are also very much on top of events in Latin America,
even when it comes to small and relatively non-influential countries. Take,
for example, Ecuador, …

Wikileaks Revelations: Top six ways US and Canada violated Indigenous rights
The NarcoSphere
By Brenda Norrell Here’s the top six ways that the United States and
Canada, as revealed by Wikileaks, has violated the rights of Indigenous
Peoples, by engaging in espionage and the promotion of mining, while
working to undermine Indigenous autonomy, …

Foreign diplomacy and local democracy
Jamaica Gleaner
According to a WikiLeaks cable, the Portia Simpson Miller administration
came under pressure from the US over Jamaica’s relationship with
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. – File We are reading media reports that foreign
diplomats have been trying to tell a …

The Windjammer: WikiLeaks exposes the Truth
WikiLeaks – The biggest troublemaker to the governments of today, and the
whistleblower on the case of freedom of speech, has become a universal
issue. WikiLeaks is an online, non-profit organization that has leaked over
a hundred thousand top-secret …

Wikileaks: Children under care of Irish government ended up in brothels
Irish Central
US embassy cables, revealed via Wikileaks, show that children who have gone
missing from Irish state care over the last three years have ended up
working as sex slaves in brothels. During a private briefing with diplomats
from the American Embassy, …

WikiLeaks chief says no one harmed by site’s leaks
AP , 06.04.11, 11:57 AM EDT HAY-ON-WYE, Wales — The founder of WikiLeaks
insists that no one has come to harm as a result of the site’s publication
of thousands of classified US documents. Julian Assange told an audience at
the Hay literary festival …

WikiLeaks: Dublin gangs ‘hired’ republican dissidents
Belfast Telegraph
Criminal gangs across Dublin were hiring bomb experts from dissident
republican terror groups as they fought an escalating battle for supremacy.
According to a leaked cable, senior Garda officials feared that rival crews
were turning from guns to …

WikiLeaks: Church heads’ row revealed
Belfast Telegraph
Details of a rift between the heads of the Catholic and Anglican churches
were passed to the US by a Northern Ireland-born diplomat in the Vatican.
Francis Campbell is said to have briefed US officials following an
“awkward” meeting between Pope …

WikiLeaks: ‘Slab’ Murphy’s assets probed
Belfast Telegraph
US embassy officials in Dublin sent updates to Washington on an
investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau into the finances of prominent
republican Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy. Mr Murphy is currently before the courts
on alleged revenue offences. …

US asked Israel to warn against business with Iranian shipping company
WikiLeaks reveals secret State Department cable detailing US sanctions for
doing business with Iran; senior Foreign Ministry source says not enough
actions taken in Israel, with failure to enact legislation or cabinet
decision. …

Sunday Round Up: Cheryl Cole, Britain’s Got Talent, BBC, Aegis, Wikileaks …
The Drum
Finally, the BBC is apparently at the centre of a decency row after Sandy
Toksvig told a joke referring to what the Mail on Sunday described as ‘the
most offensive word in the English language’ on Radio 4. Toksvig is
reported to have said; …

Emotion versus reality
THIS publication`s WikiLeaks scoop (well done, by the way!) has certainly
opened things up, and we are being hit in the face with what actually
transpires behind those wondrous closed doors, and what others actually
think of us, rightly or wrongly. …

Al-Maliki feared withdrawal of Brit troops could cause chaos in Iraq: Wikileaks
Newstrack India
… expressed ‘deep concern about security and economic deterioration’ in
his country in 2006, saying that the withdrawal of Western forces and
Britain’s failure to bring order to Basrah could lead to chaos across his
country, Wikileaks has revealed. …

Updated:LulzSec’s Strikes Latest Victims — Hacker Mag. 2600, FBI Affiliate
The group said they attacked the news network because they were upset that
its special didn’t portray the controversial leaks site Wikileaks in a
wholly positive manner. The decision to mix critical commentaries in with
praising ones in the special was …

Smokers’ Corner: Little soldiers
However, WikiLeaks and the belated awakening of some in the populist media
that sees things being manipulated and the people being lied to by the
assorted sacred cows have swung open the dreaded box. Of course, a fatter
portion of the media is still …

Hay Festival: day ten as it happened
During his talk Mr Assange was heckled by Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow and
the founder of Wikileaks said “the internet does not give you free
speech”: He said that those revealing secrets online were “hounded from
one end of the earth to the other”. …

United States: Yemenis cleared for release held in Guantanamo for years
Green Left Weekly
By Raul Connolly “In all of the mainstream media analysis of WikiLeaks’
recent release of Detainee Assessment Briefs (DABs) from Guantanamo,
relating to almost all of the 779 prisoners who have been held at the
prison over the last nine years and four …

Gene Kerrigan: Gilmore hasn’t a shred of credibility left
Irish Independent
When the Irish Independent began running extracts from US State Department
cables, released by Wikileaks, who’d have thought the leader of the Labour
Party would feature in dispatches from the US Embassy? There he was, a
confidant of Uncle Sam …

Julian Assange says Britons suffer from ‘mid-brow squeamishness’
Newstrack India
London, June 4 (ANI): Controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has
said Britons suffer from “mid-brow squeamishness” and are afraid of taking
blame ‘for the tiniest thing’. Answering a question on the death toll due
to the Egyptian revolution, …

Britain’s Got Talent Final: Is Anyone Really Surprised About The Rigging …
Sabotage Times
By Gareth Dimelow Britain’s Got Talent has been given the wikileaks
treatment this week by a whistleblower claiming the whole show is fixed
making tonight’s final a democratic sham akin to FIFA. Poor old Simon
Cowell’s having a bad week. …

JVP orchestrated Katunayake incident
Sunday Observer
“Some foreign countries wanted a regime change in Sri Lanka, Wikileaks
revealed how Norway and United States behaved during the last phase of the
humanitarian operation. Foreign elements now trying to disrupt industrial
peace and the mega development …

In the World | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011-06-05
Philadelphia Inquirer
AP HAY-ON-WYE, Wales – No one has come to harm as a result of WikiLeaks’
publication of thousands of classified documents, the site’s founder said
Saturday, accusing his critics of opposing the revelations because of
“middle-class squeamishness. …

‘No bloodshed in Tiananmen, but soldiers fired’
Economic Times
BEIJING: Secret cables from the US embassy in Beijing obtained by WikiLeaks
have shown that there was no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square when China
put down student pro-democracy demonstrations on June 4, 1989, but revealed
that Chinese soldiers …

WikiLeaks chief says no one harmed by site’s leaks
The Seattle Times
No one has come to harm as a result of WikiLeaks’ publication of thousands
of classified documents, the site’s founder said Saturday, accusing his
critics of opposing the revelations because of “middle-class
squeamishness.” By JILL LAWLESS Associated …

Back to the future with Keystone cops Coalition
Irish Independent
As we read the Wikileaks reports on how — shock horror — the last
government were regarded as chaotic and paralysed, we were simultaneously
reading about our current Government being chaotic and paralysed. So it was
a recurring nightmare with some …

Ramdev arrest: What was the govt thinking?
Adding to these suspicions in the public mind was the evasive reactions of
the government to the leads coming from Wikileaks on this issue. Instead of
taking these leads sincerely and seriously and examining how the government
could use them, …

Sarah Sands: Watch Simon Cowell do his amazing ratings trick
The Independent
As in the case of the WikiLeaks conspiracies, there is a pleasing harmony
rather than a conflict between the private and the public. It was not
immensely cunning of Cowell to spot that Parke was better than the rest.
Talent is a miraculously rare thing …

BC-EU—Britain-WikiLeaks Assange,0134
Sunday: Mix of sun & clouds. Brightest in the morning. Highs 63 to 68,
coolest at the coast. … UNDATED (AP) — Ready for some ale and bacon ice
cream? WGME files and maintains quarterly Children’s Television Reports and
DTV Consumer Education …

2011-06-04 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases …
By Kevin Gosztola
While he is away, I am pinch-hitting and blogging WikiLeaks updates here.
All the times are EST. You can contact me at with any
news tips. Twitter username is @kgosztola. Also, if you are looking for
something good …

WikiLeaks chief says no one harmed by site’s leaks | The …
By The Associated Press
No one has come to harm as a result of WikiLeaks’ publication of thousands
of classified documents, the site’s founder said Saturday, accusing his
critics of opposing the revelations because of “middle-class

Thanks, @Wikileaks – U.S. Fought to Keep Haitian Wages Down (for …
Thanks, @Wikileaks – U.S. Fought to Keep Haitian Wages Down (for cheap
t-shirts! ) – Soaring on a Pig with Bread Wings.

WikiLeaks’ pursuit of happiness – things that stick
WikiLeaks’ ideal of a state is one that is measured by the principles of
the democratic state. A modern democratic state presents itself as a
service to its subjects and as an expression of the will of those subjects.

Assange: no one harmed by Wikileaks | Whitsundays News | Local …
NO ONE has come to harm as a result of WikiLeaks’ publication of thousands
of classified documents, the site’s founder says.

Dying in Haiti: Haiti’s Minimum Wage and WikiLeaks
By John A. Carroll, M.D.
Haiti’s Minimum Wage and WikiLeaks. Read this article. Makes me sad. I had
a very sick malnourished baby in Cite Soleil. I wanted to admit the baby to
the malnourished clinic that we have. However, the baby’s mother stated
that she …

Adrian Lamo Speaks About His Wikileaks Role… (ReadWriteWeb …
A central figure in the famous Wikileaks/Manning “cablegate” case from

PBS hacked in retribution for Frontline Wikileaks episode – Boing …
And fyi, the hackery involved with Assange and Wikileaks is already
non-partsan. Red and Blue alike want to keep those secrets controlled. …

No “Conspiracy Theory”: Wikileaks Cable Confirms North American …
A newly leaked U.S. diplomatic cable originally written over six years ago
confirms that the agenda to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into
an …

WikiLeaks Haiti: The PetroCaribe Files – Yahoo! News
The Nation — When René Préval took the oath of Haiti’s presidential
office in a ceremony at Haiti’s National Palace on May 14, 2006, he was
anxious to …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: PBS finds Tupac found aliv …
PBS finds Tupac found alive and well in NZ after WikiLeaks supporters
retaliate over smear

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