Bahrain Newslinks 9 June 2011

9 June 2011 —

Bahrain official blasts Ecclestone “hypocrisy”
A number of prominent people in Bahrain have criticised Bernie Ecclestone’s u-turn on the country’s 2011 Grand Prix, describing the latest decision as “shameful”. Although the announcement that Bahrain will not now host a race this year has yet to be …

Continuing Crackdown in Bahrain
Council on Foreign Relations
President Barack Obama met briefly June 7 with Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa and supported the Sunni royal family’s ending of martial law, calling for a national dialogue to begin in July. However, the crackdown on …

Iran president: We have the solution for Bahrain
Jamaica Observer
TEHRAN, Iran (AFP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a news conference yesterday that Tehran will soon present “a plan” for Bahrain to solve the problem in the Gulf kingdom. “I hope that in the near future
conditions are prepared and we can …—We-have-the-solution-for-Bahrain_8977931

Bahrain social media users on rise
Trade Arabia
Bahrain has been named among the top five Arab countries in terms of usage
of social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. The word ‘Bahrain’ was
also among the top ‘hashtags’ posted by Twitter users in the Arab world in
a series of regional trends …

Jacqueline Fernandes to Become Bahrain Princess Soon?
Bahrain, Jun 9 (Times of India): The long-legged actress has been dating
Sheikh Hassan bin Rashid Al Khalifa, one of the members of the reigning
royal family. Known as ‘Shake’ among his friends, the 35-year-old prince
also has his own rock band named …

Bahrain Grand Prix: everything Formula One should know before final decision …
As a proportion of its population, the suppression of protests in the tiny
kingdom of Bahrain killed just as many people as the other massacres
perpetrated by security forces across the Middle East this year. By Richard
Spencer, Middle East …

Banks mull Bahrain exodus
Financial Times
By Simeon Kerr in Dubai The 1970s civil war in Lebanon prompted an exodus
of bankers from Beirut to Bahrain. Then, Dubai rose to prominence as a
competing business hub and the global financial crisis further tarnished
the island kingdom’s lustre as a …

Bahrain protests: Doctors and nurses tortured in barbaric crackdown
Daily Mail
But the accuseds’ relatives have told Amnesty that security officials at
Bahrain’s Criminal Investigations Directorate tortured the detainees. One
of the charged, who was bailed last month, claimed he was slapped in the
face while blindfolded, …

Bahrain bans human rights seminar
Press TV
Bahrain’s leading opposition party says the government has imposed a ban on
a seminar detailing abuses committed by the ruling regime during its brutal
crackdown of anti-regime protests. “Authorities have banned a presentation
on ‘the atrocities of …

Rights watchdog wins go-ahead
Gulf Daily News
The Bahrain Human Rights Watch Observatory (BHRWO) has been established by
a group of young people who aim to make it the first independent
organisation of its kind in the country. The society is still in the early
stages of being formed, but the board …

Bahrain accepts UN rights mission
Bahraini Shiite mourners carry the pictures of 28-year-old Ahmed Farhan
during his funeral in the Shiite town of Sitra, on the outskirts of Manama,
on March 18, 2011. UPIIsa Ebrahim GENEVA, Switzerland, June 8 (UPI) —
Bahrain has accepted a UN …

Release My Friend!
New York Times
By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Among those whom you’re imprisoning in Bahrain is a
friend of mine. He is an artist, one of the most gentle souls alive, and my
deepest fear is that your government may be brutalizing him because of his
friendship with me. …

Crown calls for message on Bahraini detentions
Irish Times
SEANAD: THE SEANAD is likely to unite in sending a message to the Bahraini
authorities about the detention of medical personnel who cared for the
wounded in disturbances in the Gulf state. John Crown (Ind) said many of
these people had trained in …

Bahraini poet set to face verdict for protest reading
Amnesty International
A Bahraini poet faces possible imprisonment for reading out a poem
criticizing the country’s King when a military court rules on her case next
Sunday. Ayat al-Qarmezi, 20, a poet and student was arrested in March for
reading out a poem at a pro-reform …

Why is West silent on Bahrain?
Press TV
A Danish writer has criticized the West for keeping a stony silence on the
brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters in Bahrain. Zahra al-Rabiee,
a Muslim living in Denmark, says while Western countries are closely
following political events in …

BAHRAIN: Formula 1 boss says Grand Prix canceled –
By Molly Hennessy-Fiske
Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says October’s reinstated Bahrain Grand
Prix is canceled this year as the Persian Gulf nation continues to grapple
with reports of human rights violations a week after the king lifted
martial law imposed …

FIA Cancels Bahrain GP Again
The Bahrain Grand Prix is back off the schedule following a decision by the
FIA that the race couldn’t be held because the teams wouldn’t agree to it.
Article 66 of the FIA’s code says amendments to the arrangements for an
ongoing …

Formula 1 black flags Bahrain race after this leaked report
By Justin Hyde
Last week, Formula 1’s governing body reinstated the Bahrain Grand Prix
despite the country’s brutal crackdown against protestors agitating against
its dictator. Now F1 says it won’t race there — and this leaked report
shows how the …

JURIST – Paper Chase: Bahrain agrees to UN rights office …
By Maureen Cosgrove
JURIST – Paper Chase: Bahrain agrees to UN rights office investigation of
protest violations.

Was WMSC’s decision on Bahrain GP ‘unanimous’? – Sports – Formula …
The Bahrain GP reinstatement fiasco has caused considerable embarrassment
to the governing body FIA. While the ‘unanimous’ decision by the World
Motor Sport Council (WMSC) on June 3 has come under a lot of criticism from
people both …
IBN Top Headlines

Why is a GP so important to Bahrain? Pride, money, status …
By (Negative Camber & Grace)
OK, that might be my most obvious headline ever, but that is the gist of a
report from the BBC about why having a Formula 1 race is important to the
tiny country of Bahrain. “Hosting F1 encompasses the vision that Bahrain
has adopted …

Obama Presses Bahrain On Human Rights Abuses | News One
By NewsOne Staff
President Barack Obama met with the Prince of Bahrain on Tuesday to urge
the ruler to investigate alleged human-rights abuses by its security

Ecclestone could send own inspector to Bahrain – Autoblog UK
By Stephan Heublein
Bernie Ecclestone could send his own envoy to Bahrain as the 2011 race
rescheduling saga becomes a political power struggle. Some commentators

Obama Praises Bahrain Tyrant on Visit, Dims Awakening’s Prospects …
By John Glaser
The Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa visited the
White House, meeting with Obama and his National Security Advisor Tom
Donilon. The President “reaffirmed the strong US commitment to
Bahrain,” praised the King’s …

What the world thinks about F1 in Bahrain “
By joesaward
Since the FIA offered itself up for a beating over the question of Bahrain,
the punches have been landing one after another – at least from the
British media, which has been ferocious in its criticism of the decision.

Sanctions now against brutal Bahraini tyranny “ Tribune – Comment …
By Peter Tatchell
The international community has failed in its duty to protect the civilian
population of Bahrain. It has sat back and done nothing to rein in the
regime of King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa. He stands accused of terrorising
his own people, …

Obama Demands Bahrain To Hold Rights Abusers Accountable …
By Lonnie Hunter
President Barack Obama met with the Prince of Bahrain on Tuesday. The
President urged the ruler to investigate the alleged human-rights abuses by
its security forces. Read More …

Bahrain crown prince visits US
By (Agencies)
Officials said Obama reaffirmed the strong US commitment to Bahrain and
welcomed King Hamad’s plan to end a “state of national safety” and the
announcement that the national dialogue on reform would begin in July. …

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