NATO Newslinks 9 June 2011: NATO rejects Russia’s missile defence proposals

9 June 2011 —

As NATO Bombs Tripoli, World Powers Chart Libya Without Gadhafi
Voice of America
Photo: AP NATO has launched more airstrikes near the residence of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi as global powers gathered to discuss a Libya without him. Loud explosions rocked the Libyan capital Tripoli late Wednesday, with the first bombs striking an …

breaking-Canada to pull out of key NATO air defence program
By James Cudmore, CBC News A NATO E3A AWACS surveillance plane takes off
from Trapiani, Italy as part of the mission to enforce the UN resolution on
Libya, March 25, 2011. Canada is planning to end its involvement in the
AWACS program, …

NATO rejects Russia’s missile defence proposals
The Hindu
NATO has rejected Russia’s proposals for cooperation on a European missile
defence, the Russian defence chief said even as both sides vowed to
continue talks. “We have not received any positive and intelligible
response. Our concerns have not been …

Libya Contact Group Meets In UAE As NATO Intensifies Airstrikes
RTT News
Authorized by the UNSC, a NATO command and control unit has been trying to
implement a no-fly zone over Libya since late March to protect innocent
civilians from fighting between forces loyal to Col. Moammar Qadhafi and
the rebels in the country. …

Cross-border insurgency
Pakistan Observer
Who is responsible for the recent worsening situation along the Pak-Afghan
borders; Taliban, NATO forces, the Afghan government or the foreign
sponsored miscreants ; surely not a difficult question to be answered. The
so-called militant-attacks on a …

Call for march against NATO aggression
New Era
In a statement issued on Monday, the committee expressed deep sadness at
the appalling atrocities being committed by the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO). “NATO is a protracted sponsor of mercenaries
described as rebels by European governments …

9 shot dead in attack on Afghan party
Los Angeles Times
The United States and its NATO allies consider good governance, from the
local level on up, to be an essential element of their counterinsurgency
strategy. But the methodical strikes against officialdom make it extremely
difficult to attract qualified …,0,6467244.story

Fresh Round Of NATO Strikes Hit Tripoli Outskirts
WSB Atlanta
DIAA HADID, AP TRIPOLI, Libya — NATO airstrikes rattled the Libyan capital
Thursday with clusters of bombing runs believed to have targeted the
outskirts of Tripoli. The intensity of the attacks suggested a return to
the heavy NATO bombardment of the …

Gates wants more NATO allies to join Libya airstrike campaign
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Tell us By David S. Cloud BRUSSELS — Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged
more NATO allies Wednesday to join the air campaign against Libya, arguing
that it was putting a strain on the seven members of the 28-nation alliance
that are carrying the …

Libyan envoy accuses rebels, NATO of war crimes
Reuters Africa
GENEVA, June 9 (Reuters) – Libya accused both rebels and NATO forces on
Thursday of committing war crimes, while firmly denying a United Nations
report which found that its own troops had carried out murders, torture and
abductions. …

Gates warns NATO against race to exits in Afghanistan
Gates, speaking ahead of the start of President Barack Obama’s planned
troop drawdown in Afghanistan next month, told his NATO counterparts there
would be no hasty withdrawal by the United States and Washington expected
the same coordinated approach by …

NATO plans force to respond to cyber attacks
TALLINN — NATO wants to beef up its cyber defence capabilities with the
creation of a special task force to detect and respond to Internet attacks,
an alliance expert said Wednesday at a conference on cyber security here.
“NATO is planning to …

Kazakh Parliament Votes Down Troop Deployment To Afghanistan
RTT News
(RTTNews) – The Upper House of Kazakhstan’s Parliament on Thursday refused
to send four Kazakh officers to serve with the NATO-led International
Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, three weeks after it was
approved by the Central Asian …

NATO, Russian fighter jets hold first-ever joint exercise
USA Today
By Douglas Stanglin, USA TODAY Here’s an item that struck us as just plain
refreshing: NATO and Russian fighter jets held their first-ever joint
exercise this week, teaming up in a bid to prevent attacks such as the 9/11
strikes on the United States, …

NATO Commander: Afghan Forces Making Progress, But Still Not Ready
PBS NewsHour
William B. Caldwell IV, commander of the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan,
painted an optimistic picture this week of the progress of Afghan security
forces, but cautioned that there is still a long road ahead. Photo by Army
Staff Sgt. Billie J. …

Failure of Afghan govt and NATO: Hoti
Pakistan Observer
Peshawar—Chief Minister Khyber-Pakthunkhwa, Ameer Haider Khan Hoti said
on Wednesday that brazen attack by Afghan Taliban at Shaltalo area in Upper
Dir district was either a failure of Afghan government and NATO forces or
it (Afghan government) has …

Qaddafi Resisting Negotiated Tripoli Exit
NATO-led forces are conducting an air campaign in support of the rebels.
Foreign ministers from the 22-nation Libya Contact Group are holding their
third meeting, and discussions are expected to deepen on what the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization …

NATO Special Representative: Lessons learned from joint military operations to …
Trend News Agency
Joint military operations in Afghanistan and experience gained by
Azerbaijan can be used as a catalyst to speed up the modernization of the
Azerbaijani armed forces, NATO Secretary General’s new Special
Representative for the South Caucasus and Central …

NATO to continue Libya operation for ‘as long as necessary’
RIA Novosti
NATO will continue its mission in Libya for as long as it takes, the
alliance said on Wednesday, after formally endorsing an extension of its
campaign for a further three months from June 27. The allies have
intensified their efforts and are determined …

Video: NATO, UN debate Arab troubles
Gamut News
NATO officials attempt to garner support for Libyan campaign, UN
ambassadors debate involvement in Syria.. This World News video “NATO, UN
debate Arab troubles” is copyright by Reuters News and brought to you by
Gamut News. Feel free to share or embed …

UK believes Montenegro’s place is in the NATO- Lidington Business News
At the press statements afterwards, Minister Ro?en said that Montenegro
needs to continue fulfilling its EU tasks and that it may count on UK’s
support for both the EU enlargement policy and NATO’s open-door policy. Mr
Lidington, who is the first UK …

ROLFF-A Gets a Boost from NATO
Lawfare (blog)
by Jack Goldsmith Defense Ministers from the 48 nations of the
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) today endorsed the NATO Rule
of Law Field Support Mission (NROLFSM). The press release describes the
mission as follows: Governance and …

Libyan envoy accuses rebels, NATO of war crimes
Libya on Thursday accused rebels of butchery and cannibalism, and NATO
forces of war crimes, while firmly denying a United Nations report which
found that its own troops had carried out murders, torture and abductions.
Mustafa Shaban, a Libyan foreign …,7340,L-4080097,00.html

NATO’s Nuclear Policy Review: Saying Goodbye to Tactical Nukes
World Politics Review
But these tactical nuclear weapons, some of them much more powerful than
the Hiroshima bomb, led to regular friction within NATO. Since the
implosion of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, more than 90 percent of these
weapons have been withdrawn, …

The NATO Pipeline: delivering fuel in peace, crisis and conflict
Pipelines International
The NATO Pipeline System was constructed during the Cold War to supply
Alliance forces with fuel, and spare capacity is currently available for
civil use. In the aftermath of the Second World War, nations in Western
Europe and North America sought a …

More fire evacuations…Record heat…NATO allies challenged
9&10 News
BRUSSELS (AP) — The Obama administration is asking five key military
allies to take on a greater share of the NATO-led air campaign against
Moammar Gadhafi’s forces. The pressure on Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey
and the Netherlands comes as the …

DSS to organize protest rally against NATO conference on Sunday
The rally against the announced holding of the “NATO conference” will
be held in central Belgrade at 4 pm, DSS Vice President Milos Jovanovic
said at a press conference on Wednesday. The government should cancel the
conference, as its holding would be …

TatukGIS Customer Offers Product for NATO Military Map Layers (press release)
MSS reflects the following military standards: NATO – APP-6A, US Armed
Forces – MIL-STD-2525B, and Swiss Armed Forces – Regl. 52.2 (Symbole und
taktische Zeichen). An important feature of MssStick is the MSS Symbol
Library composed of 2000 military …

NATO destroys military training camp of Gaddafi regime
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, June 9 (KUNA) — NATO warplanes in the last 24 hours destroyed
one vehicle and a storage facility in Tripoli. Moreover, NATO aircraft
destroyed one surface to air missile storage facility, one surface to air
missile site, one command and …

Josipovic meets NATO Secretary General
Croatian Times
Croatian President Ivo Josipovic has met with NATO’s Secretary General
Anders Fogh Rasmussen to discuss NATO’s operations in Libya and
Afghanistan, as well as current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Commenting on rumours that the European …

‘Anonymous’ Warns NATO: Do Not Mess With Us
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin Days after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) named
hacker coalition ‘Anonymous’ as an enemy among the likes of Al Qaeda and
North Korea, the hackers issued a warning to the global military alliance.
“Do not make the mistake of …,2817,2386576,00.asp

Over the line
Prague Post
Supporters say it has prevented another Srebrenica massacre; opponents say
it allows NATO to selectively invade other states. American author David
Rieff, an R2P supporter turned critic, says, “For those of us who feared
that R2P was just a warrant for …

Missile shield talks depend on US, not NATO – Russian defense …
The US and NATO claim their proposed missile defense system would fend off
any potential attack on Europe from Iran. But Russia has long been
concerned about the threat to its national security – something the
alliance dismisses.

NATO Threatens to Turn Guns on Libya Rebels Over Attacks on …
By Jason Ditz
British officials familiar with the situation said that NATO was prepared
to start attacking the rebels in East Libya if reports of growing attacks
against civilians did not cease. They insisted that the UN resolution used
as a pretext …

NATO pushes Berlin to take role in Libya – The Local
Germany is refusing pressure from its NATO allies to join the militarily
mission against Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, but Berlin has said it
will help rebuild the North African country after he’s been deposed.

Slain Writer’s Book Says US-NATO War Served Al-Qaeda Strategy …
By Gareth Porter
IPS – Al-Qaeda strategists have been assisting the Taliban fight against
U.S.-NATO forces in Afghanistan because they believe that foreign
occupation has been.

Russia Joins NATO Counter terror Exercise for First Time | Defense …
By John
This is interesting; NATO and Russian air forces conducted their first ever
joint counter-terrorism exercise this week. It gets even better considering

NATO plans task force to respond to cyber attacks –
By Agence France-Presse
NATO wants to beef up its cyber defense capabilities with the creation of a
special task force to detect and respond to Internet attacks, an alliance
expert said Wednesday at a conference on cyber security here.

NATO chief urges wider Libya participation
By (Sally Kelly)
Palestine news israel news Gaza war siege hamas food hunger Fatih middle
east uk news us news fun films fashion breaking news crossing Egypt West
Bank Settlements attacks Israel Palestinian refugees refugee camps UN UNRWA
sports …

NewsDaily: NATO allies urge U.S. caution on Afghan troops
By David Brunnstrom
U.S. allies urged Washington on Thursday not to be too hasty in its plans
to reduce American troop numbers in Afghanistan next month.

Stretched NATO wants broader Libya effort but receives no offers …
By Libya TV
Of the 28 NATO allies only eight, led by Britain and France, have been
conducting air strikes against Gaddafi’s forces, and a senior US official
warned that fatigue was beginning to set in among the aircrews already
committed. …

Fresh round of NATO strikes hit Tripoli outskirts | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
NATO airstrikes rattled the Libyan capital Thursday with clusters of
bombing runs believed to have targeted the outskirts of Tripoli.

Gadhafi strikes Libya rebels, NATO pounds Tripoli
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, increasingly cornered
under a stunning upturn in NATO airstrikes, lashed back with renewed
shelling of the western city of Misrata Wednesday, killing 10 rebel
fighters. …

NATO Hopes to Pass the Buck in Libya, But May Not Be Able to Hand …
By Tony Karon
“We do not see a lead role for NATO in Libya once this crisis is over,” the
organization’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Wednesday. “We
see the United Nations playing a lead role in the post-Gaddafi,
post-conflict …

Fresh round of NATO strikes hit around Tripoli | Home “ Other …
NATO airstrikes are rattling the Libyan capital, with seven thunderous
explosions shaking the city.

NATO, Russian Jets Hold First Ever Joint Exercise
By Hembo
NATO, Russian Jets Hold First Ever Joint Exercise AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE
Published: 7 Jun 2011 13:50 WARSAW – NATO and Russian fighter jets held

Al Arabiya video: NATO Bombs Libya TV Station – War News Radio …
By War News Radio at Swarthmore College
via AlArabiya NATO Bombs Libya TV Station Another round of NATO air strikes
pounded Tripoli in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The c.

Steve & Co. NATO Watch Straps | Cool Material
By Ben Dahl
Switching to a NATO strap is cost-effective, good lucking and quite simple.
Steve & Co. military-inspired nylon straps might only be 18mm wide and
280mm long, but they’ll go miles in terms of your watch’s appearance. $28
Source …

Fresh round of NATO strikes hit Tripoli outskirts “ Shabab Libya
By om.amer
The intensity of the attacks suggested a return to the heavy NATO
bombardment of the city on Tuesday that hit military installations across
the capital and flattened major buildings in leader Moammar Gadhafi’s
sprawling compound in the …

NATO unleashes blistering airstrikes in Libya – Yahoo! News
Moammar Gadhafi stood defiant Tuesday in the face of the heaviest and most
punishing NATO airstrikes yet — at least 40 thunderous daylight attacks
that sent …

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